Yesterday’s mobility classes went great.  Shown above the classes are rolling out with a foam or pvc roller, rolling with a lacrosse ball or any other ball, and stretching using the bands.  These mobility exercises should be performed on a daily basis and in this order.  These movements are important to increasing every aspect of fitness.  If you are inflexible or immobile you will never reach your full fitness potential.  Conversely, as you build flexiblity and mobility you start to see major gains, not only in a gym setting, but also in life. 


Choose one of the following for time:

50 Thrusters (135 / 95)
75 Thrusters (95 / 65)
100 Thrusters (75 / 55)

***Everyone must perform 5 Burpees every minute on the minute until all reps are completed.  The workout begins with 5 burpees.

11 thoughts on “Thruster Fun

  1. Rosie says:

    Ok, so remember last summer when Tony wrote about working so hard that you should question your ability to get into your car and drive after a WOD? Neither did I until after this wod this morning. Great opportunity to roll myself out and stretch! Holy Smokes! Lots of fun.

  2. josh says:

    MARCH MADNESS UPDATE: We have 43 Competitiors signed up for tomorrows fun! Plenty of spots still open, cut off will be 8am tommorow. If you cant make it in to signup, post to the comments and we will put your name in the pot. Drawing for spots at 9am, competition scheduled to begin at 9:30am. Even if you do not want to compete come out and enjoy the fun. We will still have have an 11am Class and 10am Kids Class. Dont miss out, GET SOME!

  3. Mike PCCF says:

    Hey my name is Mike from Port City CF. I would like to be in the March Madness Event if you have anymore spots. How much is it?

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