This morning at 6:30, Spin City is giving a 30 minute, high intensity interval cycling class for CrossFitters at no cost.  Everyone is welcome.  Bikes are first come, first serve.

Todd applauding his efforts. Ha. Anyone's chest sore from yesterday?

CrossFit WOD
5 rounds for time…
8 Thruster (95lbs/65lbs)
6 Thruster (135lbs/95lbs)
8 Thruster (95lbs/65lbs)
1 minute rest (sorry the rest period wasn’t posted. we were working on the site last night and it didn’t post.)

Endurance Supplement
Row 2000m for time
Run 1 mile for time

16 thoughts on “Thruster Fun

  1. No GOOD says:

    Hello CFW. I tried leaving this the other day but it didn’t send. These last few months home for me have been so rewarding. between all the CERT’s and getting to put that right to use in the box, to all the shooting and the creation of ALASTAR, It has been a great time. I look forward to coming home in a few months and seeing all the progress. Gotta board. Talk to you all soon

  2. No GOOD says:

    ANd thank you everyone one who came out for CFW Bowling night!!! If your weren’t there you missed a great time and you could have been witness to 2 sports CFW’ers are not good at hahaha

  3. drew says:

    Ha, I can attest to the fact that ‘no good’ lives up to his name in bowling. It was a ton of fun, though. Be safe brother!

  4. Abs says:

    Felice, Mike M, Rosie, Amy A and Danial M…please send me a picture (non threatening/ happy pic) and a bulleted “bio” of your degrees, cert, achievements and anything else pertenant to you being a BADASS CFW Intern——>to become instructor. i need for the website and I will HUNT you down and NAG!

    Rob S…I need one for you as well! As you are our Oly lifting Instructor! Thanks!

    send it to Thanks guys! Ab

    Also I will be snapping pics of those instructors that we don”t have one for and getting “bio” info! BE PREPARED~!

  5. t. says:

    I want to take a minute and announce to my CFW family a new endeavor… Alastar TDS-C; LLC.

    In the last few months myself and Ron and some of our law enforcement personnel have taken numerous folks to the range shooting. After I posted some of the videos of us shooting and teaching others to shoot, we’ve received much interest from CFW and others in the community in formal firearms instruction. As a result, we’ve created Alastar Tactics – Defense – Security & Consulting (TDS-C).

    I wanted to share this with my CFW brothers and sisters before any one else.

    Check it out:

  6. JU says:

    Awesome spin class this morning. If you didn’t get a chance to take the class this am, you will get another oppertunity next Wed at 6:30. Thank you so much Lisa/Spin City!

  7. Sensei says:


    Luis “Securi” Togno will be at Evolution this Saturday November 20th 11am – 1pm teaching a seminar to a very small group of us.

    Cost: $70 for the 2 hours

    Wear: Gi if you own one.

    Call me, 910-431-1038 if you are interested.

    I might have a spare gi top if you need to borrow and really want to attend.

    Tomorrows session of the BJJ club will be in Gi as well.

    Josh, I will bring you a extra Gi top to practice in tomorrow.

    Here’s a short video of Luis,

  8. Matt M says:

    GRASSFED BEEF COMES TO WILMINGTON!!!! Yes you heard it right. I have been in contact with Hilltop Angus Farms who are located in western NC and raise 100% grassfed beef with no grains, antibiotics or hormones ever introduced. I know its last minute but the next delivery will be the Sunday after Thanksgiving. All the details have not been ironed out yet but were planning on them to deliver to the gym on that Sunday for pick up. I will keep everyone in touch about the delivery time. Orders can be made by contacting them on their website at and prices are listed. As soon as I find out how payments will be made and when orders have to be placed by I will let everyone know. I know its a busy time of year for everyone but they do not deliver any were else in NC, they just so happen to have a son in Wilmington that brings back orders when he visits home! So jump on it! I am hoping that we can have them make regular delivery’s but I do not know when the next one will be.

  9. Matt M says:

    Ok so I just talked to Dale Thompson at Hilltop Angus and it looks like he’s pretty full so will only be able to get a few orders in for the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so send your requests in and they will fill what they can. The plan is to set a day up about every 5 weeks starting at the beginning of the new year and make this a regular thing if there is enough interest. There will be a .25 cent delivery fee per lb, not bad at all. I’ll keep everyone updated if i hear anything more

  10. Jimmy says:

    I’ve been looking for Grassfed Beef! I emailed them to try to get an order in if they come back after Thanksgiving

  11. Kathleen says:

    Tony, The new business model is also perfect 4 u! No doubt it will be very successful! Congrats & the site looks very nice!

  12. peter says:

    good looking out on the grass fed beef hook up. I just got done looking at their site, yummy. Personally, i may have to wait till the new year before I can jump on ordering but would like to try it and see the difference.

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