Cardio Kickboxing
Crossfit Wilmington will re-starting our Cardio Kickboxing Program this Thursday March 8th. We will conduct two classes on the second and fourth Thursday of the month from 5-5:45pm and 6-6:45pm. Gloves will be needed for these classes. The cost is $10 per class or you may purchase a 10 visit pass for $100.

March Madness 2012
On Saturday, March 24th, CFW is hosting the first ever CrossFit competition with age divisions and weight classes. The first workout will be the final CrossFit Open WOD. All competitors will complete all events, eliminating a need for a “Final WOD.”  Cost is $50 prior to March 10th and $70 thereafter.  All competitors will receive a t-shirt and a catered, paleo friendly lunch.  Spots are limited, to register click here.



Amanda H. and Dawn, 82 and 92 reps respectively on 12.2

This week…  we are going to change things up a bit.  The first and most obvious change is posted below.  We’ve posted the entire week’s workouts for you see, assess, and better plan your week.  This should help you figure out which day you’ll complete the Open WOD.  It doesn’t mean you can come in do whichever workout, whenever you want.  It is just to give you the opportunity mentally prepare and also plan.

The second change is when we are doing the Open WOD.  Instead of Thursday and Saturday, this week we will begin running it Friday and Saturday.  We are going to push from Thursday to Friday for two reasons.  One, it will give us all a chance to see some of the scores posted to The Games website and give us a better idea of what is competitive.

The second reason we are changing it is to discourage you from “planning” on doing the workout twice.  I’m seeing too many go into the workout with a plan but once the heart rate is up and your brain is overwhelmed with lactate, you haven’t the discipline to adhere to your plan.  The fact is, you cannot do one of these workouts at 100% effort on Thursday, then repeat it on Saturday and improve with any more than a rep or two, if any.  Most repeats I’ve seen have actually gotten less reps.

Additionally, repeating the workouts is ruining the remainder of your week’s training.  So let’s change our mindset and attack these wods once.  Make a plan and even rehearse the workout, but don’t try it twice.  Most importantly, maintain perfect form throughout the workout.  Do not allow yourself to attempt bad repetitions.  Last week’s WOD was Snatches…  do you really think you’ll get more reps of an exercise that requires efficient effort and technique by allowing yourself to fall apart and attempt a heavier weight snatch with worse form?

“One Chance Is All You Need.” – Jesse Owens 

The bottom line on repeats…  get it together and complete the workout with exact effort and be done with it.  Get a partner who will coach you along and remind you or even require you to do excellent reps.  At a competition you only get one chance to do a workout.  Make the open the same and you will perform better knowing you will not have to opportunity to do it again.

Front Squat  3r x 10s
30 Hand Stand Push Ups broken into as many sets needed
10 meter sled push x 6 (+135lbs/+85lbs)

5 – 10 – 15 – 20 reps for time of…
DB Push Press*
DB High Pull*
*Use as much weight as possible. Post weight and time.

Row or Cycle
10 rounds of…
Max Effort 1 minute
“Cruise” 1 minute (easy 10% effort)

Weighted Chin Ups  10r x 6s

AMRAP in 12 minutes of…
10 Deadlift (135/85)
10 Push Press
10 OHS

“1 minute mile”
Run 1 mile
1 minute max effort
1 minute rest
*Stop, do not walk, when done with efforts.  Begin your next effort at the same spot your 1 minute time ran out.

Skill work:  Muscle Ups
Back Squat (135lbs/95lbs)  10r x 5s  [3,3,x,0] DB Bench Press (medium to light weight)  8r x 5s [3,1,x,1] Stiff Legged Deadlift (135lbs/95lbs)  8r x 5s
Subscap Pull Ups  5r x 5s
Ring Dips  5r x 3s
DB Bicep Curls 5r x 3s
*Roll through the exercises.  Think “pump” for today’s exercises.  Get the blood flowing but don’t smoke yourself.  None of the sets should go to failure.  The weights posted are guidelines and you may use more or less depending on your fitness level.  The instructors will help you. 

The Modified Burgener Warm Up

The Open WOD

The Open WOD
3k Row for time.

7 thoughts on “This week at CFW…

  1. Joe W says:

    Big props to the big daddy Scott smith sitting comfortly in 40th place. You are the man. I want to be you when I grow up.

  2. t. says:

    An excellent week folks. We have so many over 70 and over 80 reps finishes on 12.2. That workout was certainly a smoker. All our stronger, oly lifting affectionados, toinclude myself, kept saying we wished the starting weights had of been 135lbs and 75lbs or the workout had of been 12 minutes so we could go to work at the heavier 210 and 120 loads. But wish in one hand…

    If this workout was an “eye opener” for you and now you want to learn the lifts, sign up for the next Oly Class or hit one of our Oly Coaches up for personal training sessions.

  3. Hodge says:

    On the right ladies and gentleman we have proper form. and on the left…. we have NOT. hang snatches it is Coach till I drop my ass. Thanks Welliver for countin for me today! and keep working hard everyone, CFW is sittin 4th right now in the Mid Atlantic and 27th in the world!

    “Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.” – Lance Armstrong

  4. Scott S says:

    Thanks for the shout out Joe. I am happy with the number, but if I could have gotten two more I would be at 30th. But after 90 snatches everything gets a heck of a lot harder.

    I am proud of everyone at the gym. Every WOD I saw, the person was getting after it as hard as they could. Proud to be part of such a fierce team.

    Speaking of teams, we are 4th!

  5. t. says:

    CFW is consistent. Since our inception we have consistently producing top CrossFit athletes and consistently attracting folks who won’t settle with mediocre results.

    I’m proud that each year we go to the CF Games and rank well. I’m more proud that CFW has an atmosphere where our “average” member receives the training and motivation to perform better than most CF affiliates’ best.

    Somehow (magic maybe! ha.) CFW has grown from being one the most “hardcore” CrossFit affiliates that scared even the toughest tough guys (mostly b/c Dawn was stronger than them) to the best combination of “soccer mom” and “fire-breather” I’ve seen yet.

    I’ve seen other CrossFit affiliates post that CrossFit competitions are “test days” or “time to turn in your howework”. I guess we’re getting all “As” and they need to stay after for tutoring!

    We may not have the best gym in Wilmington… but we do have the best gym in Wilmington on the Games Leader board!

    Get some CFW!

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