Danielle killed Monday's repeat of the NC Sectionals WOD
...and Greg is not laughing at you Danielle. We swear.

CrossFit WOD

“The Filthy 50 75″  (we said it was gonna suck)
For time…
75 Box jump, 24 inch box
75 Jumping pull-ups
75 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood (or 35lbs dumbbell)
75 Walking Lunges
75 Knees to elbows
75 Push press, 45 pounds
75 Back extensions
75 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
75 Burpees
75 Double unders

37 thoughts on “This is going to suck…

  1. No GOOD says:

    Glad im in the AFGAN and I guess today will be a rest day haha!!! No I will make this one up I am traveling and not to gym accessible right now haha

  2. t. says:

    Ah… remember the days when you’d go to the gym and spend and hour and half doing back and bi’s and then do half an hour of cardio on the eliptical? Those were the days, eh?

    Well, today is just like that…

  3. Mike C says:

    Tis the season, I learned this while I was at another box over the Thanksgiving holiday – \Every time you do a burpee, a sweat angel gets its wings!\ CFW will definitely be doing their part today to help those angels. Have fun everyone, and Shawn – I still want that breakfast. I just wasn’t in the mood to eat after that.

  4. Gene says:

    Maria, you rocked it. way to push through. Great job to everyone this morning.

    Tony, yeah that was very similar to an elliptical workout, i should have brought a book. Then i would have had something to do while i tried to peel myself off the floor during the endless burpees.

    That was a great workout.

  5. Amanda W says:

    PS – I’m FINALLY buying some lifting shoes…wayyyyy overdue on this one. Ladies – do any of you that have weightlifiting shoes typically wear an 8-1/2 – 9? I want to try a pair on before ordering.

  6. Shawn K says:

    I just wish I could have had a picture of Maria’s face when I offered to buy everyone scrambled eggs and sausage as she was about half through with wall balls. She was green from nausea, red from rage, with a white cloud of chalk circling her head… it was like a Crossfit Christmas card.

  7. Julie G. says:

    This looks WAY WAY worse than painstorm III. Ahhhh the Nostalgia. Glad I am in MD. JK…… Just Like NO Good I will make it up when I have 2 hours to spare. 1 for recovery of course.

    Painstorm III

    76 Reps of Each

    1. Sit up/clean and jerk complex – lie down, sit up to bottom of squat, grab bar, clean and jerk, set bar bown, sit down lie back
    2. Wall Ball
    3. Box jumps
    4. Pull ups
    5. Swings
    6. Burpees
    7. Knees to elbows
    8. Push ups
    9. Squats
    10.TGU/lunge complex-tgu – lunge – lunge – lie down

  8. jana says:

    … Amanda I would like to try on some OLY shoes as well… I wear about the same size – 8 -8.5 women’s and have no idea which size/kind to buy… so any direction would be wonderful!! Let me know if you find someone who has some to try on!!
    Looking forward (I guess??) to the CFW Painstorm this afternoon!

  9. Jen S. says:

    Hey Amanda! I normally wear an 8 so you can try mine on tonight at around 6:15ish and see if they are just little tight. Julie G…don’t know if this looks worse than pain storm III…just sayin. Those sit-up, Lie-down complex’s wear you out! We shall see I guess. (o: Have a great day my CF peeps!

  10. Sensei says:

    how in the heck are people equating this wod to Paintstorm???? need you all be reminded of the Turkish Get Ups??

    bunch of looney athletes up in here!

    life is good.

  11. Amanda W says:

    Julie I won’t be here Saturday – Joe and I are going to watch the Hokies battle Fla State for the ACC title this weekend! But thanks for the thought. Jen, I’ll see YOU tonight!

  12. peter says:

    @ Shawn, I would love to have been there to see the “Christmas Pic” and take you up on breakfast. I came in a bit later though…

  13. Sensei says:

    Drew and I will be killing this WoD tomorrow at 515pm!

    I will then immediately thereafter peel myself from the floor to coach classes on Thursdays (100 toes to bar / KB windmills / Planks) WoD

    just an FYI in case any one was wondering.

  14. Maria says:

    My quote of the day as SHAWN was halfway thru his burpees was “Shawn if you were a horse I would shoot you right now” and I meant it…He looked like S***. Of course at that time I had not yet hit the dreaded wall balls so I still had a little spunk left in me. Amanda… I wear size 9 shoes and I have some do-wins. Mike ordered them for me and I think he got me a men’s 8 or even 8 and a half. I thought they would be too big, but they fit great. Also…remember your feet may grow a little with that pregnancy so get them with a little room. I’ll be happy to leave them one morning and you can try them when you come in the evening. ohhhh and I dont’ use chalk FOR WALLBALLS!!!

  15. Thomas says:

    DC yes the deck of cards is still remembered and I would rather run todays wod twice instead of that deck of pure hell. Thanks for reminding some of the cfw vets of the joys of your great ideas. Hope your thinking of more to share when you return dude.

  16. scott p says:

    i remember the deck of hell also. dc, you shouldnt bring stuff like that up bro. that was a bad day for me, as are many at cfw.

  17. tanner says:

    Dammit I miss all you CFW people. Today was a good one. Clocked in around 31 min. See yall in a few weeks in Durham!

  18. Jill P says:

    omg I was just remembering the deck of cards..that and july 4th
    today was great great to be back, less injured and able to do everything ( slowly) but DU’s)
    lets do the deck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Julie G. says:

    Thx so much for the visual of Maria during the wod. I have been giggling about it all day. Nice come back Maria, reminded me of that poor horse in Savannah. The Deck has to be done on a Saturday. Not JUST because I can get some, but it would be fun with all the teams going at once.

  20. Julie G. says:

    One more and I will shut up, but again I have to point out a remarkable difference about CFW and one of the reasons I love it so much. My newbie friends Kelly and Rob who are kicking butt 3 months in were worried about their time today. I told them it took balls to even show up today. But when you become part of CFW we do not think twice about a challenge. Yes most are a little masochistic, but still do not cherry pic wods. The gym I am at in MD and most I visit elsewhere, I guarantee less than half of the population would have shown up. Its a wonderful thing and I am grateful I found it.

  21. drew says:

    DC that was one of the classic WODs at the old gym. That and the Viking WOD I think it was called (which i think is awesome btw) that had rows, running with hammer, swings, and some other craziness.

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