Congrats to everyone who participated in the Step Up for Soldiers 5K Mud Run and Integrity’s Revenge this past weekend. Here are some of the results from the weekend.

Step Up for Soldiers 5K Mud Run
Melissa Hoff- 2nd Overall Female, 1st in her Age Group
Gene Avidano- 3rd Overall Male, 1st in his Age Group
Bill Lightener- 3rd in his Age Group
Crossfit Wilmington placed 6 of the top 30 overall times (out of 399 competitors)

Integrity’s Revenge
Daniel/ JZ- 3rd Place Men’s Team RX
Meredith/ Charisse- 6th Place Team Womens Scaled
Nick/ Ben F.- 37th Place in men’s Team RX

Charisse performing a Front Squat during the Max Snatch/ Front Squat portion of Integrity’s Revenge this past weekend

We hope you had a restful weekend of fun and did all you needed to recover from last week’s training.  This week promises to be full of “training stimuli”.  Make up your mind right now this week will be your best in the gym (and out) ever.  Attempt to use the Rx weights when possible (i.e., don’t sacrifice weight for a better time).    If you’re not doing the post workout nutrition we suggest (HIGHLY SUGGEST!!!), let this week be the week you begin implementing diet changes that give the best returns.  Below is a basic regimen for post workout listed from most important.  Begin with one or two for better recovery or go for all and really experience how much your recovery, and therefore your next workout, improves with just a few nutritional upgrades.

Post Workout

  1. BCAAs at 20-50 grams immediately following your workout.
  2. Whey protien shake at 20-40 grrams within 10 minutes of your workout
  3. Magnesium (chelated NOT OXIDE) at 500-1000 mg with shake
  4. Vitamin C at 2-3 grams with shake
  5. Taurine at 2-3 grams with shake
  6. Phosphatidyl Serine at 300-500mg with shake
6 Rounds for time…
6 Deadlift (315, 185)
6 Push Press (155, 95)
9 Pull Ups
Run 400
If time permits…
3 rounds for time…
25m Sled Push (+90/+50)
Rest 2 minutes


2 thoughts on “The Weekend’s Over…

  1. Meagan says:

    Great job to everyone who competed this weekend at the Step up for Soldiers 5K and Integrity’s Revenge. Competitions are always a blast!!!!

    This WOD looks like a smoker!

  2. t. says:

    Congrats to all… The Mud Run was a blast and a big success. Intergrity’s Revenge is a bit in the off season for a CrossFit competition so not too many of our troopers went. Daniel and JZ went after it and did what they do… crushed it. Mere and Charisse both got their first tastes of a large CF competition and did great.

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