Most of you know about fish oil.  It’s the number one dietary supplement you can take.  It increases the potential  for for fat metabolism, reduces systemic inflammation, and much more.  When it comes to supplements, it’s the biggest bang for your buck, so to speak.

If you’ve attended one of my nutrition classes this decade you’ve heard me speak about other supplements.  I place them in precedence of how much the average person will gain from taking them.  My nutritional supplementation guidance address deficiencies in the majority of our population.  This includes you.

Number two on my list is Vitamin D.  More specifically, Vitamin D3 because of its bio-availability vs. D2.  Hypovitaminosis of Vitamin D is directly linked to obesity, immune compromise, Osteoporosis, increased insulin resistance, depression and bipolar syndrome, and thyroid disorders. These and others can be read about in this Mayo Clinic article.

There are many studies like this one in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism that show the links between low levels of Vitamin D to obesity.

If you look at the FDA’s recommended daily allowances, 400-800 iu per day, according to your age, is plenty.  But keep in mind, the FDA’s guidelines are the minimum amounts needed to sustain health in all Americans.  Know this… the FDA’s RDA for Vitamin C is based solely on the the levels needed to ward of Scurvy.  For Vitamin D, it’s to keep you from developing Rickets.

The FDA’s RDAs have absolutely nothing to do with gaining you optimum health.  For that, you need to supplement.  Yes, even if you’re eating strict Paleo, you won’t get enough.

But I’ve good news.  Replenishing your Vitamin D is easy AND inexpensive.  Vitamin D3…  a high quality D3 (I take Poliquin’s) and not something from Walmart or CostCo, costs about $7 a month or .23 cents a day.

Add Vitamin D3 to your fish oil and reap the benefits.  Take 25,000iu on Monday and 25,000iu on Friday.

Wake early if you want another man’s life or land.
There’s no lamb for the lazy wolf.
No battle is won in bed.

– The Havamal: The words of Odin

The “Viking”
500m row
1 mile run with sledge (16lbs)
100 sledge strikes (50 left / 50 right)
1 mile run with sledge
500m row

*It’s St. Louis bday.  He asked for the Viking for his birthday.  Happy Birthday Ryan.

8 thoughts on “Fixing the Vitamin D Deficiency

  1. No GOOD says:

    Happy birthday St Louie., but we just did THE vIKING, were you to scared of PAINSTORM hahahaha!!! You better have the best time for the day !

  2. Jeremy B. says:

    Happy birthday St Louie.!
    @RNG – Hilarious,….. as in Pain Storm III “Independence Day” ! Part of me was sort of hoping someone would utter those words leading into the holiday.

  3. Albert Steed says:

    Happy Birthday St. Louie! I was a happy man this morning with my Viking time. I literally put down the first mile as one of my best times since joining while carrying that sledge. Gave Jeremy S a run for his money as well for the full WOD.

    Good times!!

  4. Jeremy S says:

    happy birthday St Louie & Great workout suggestion. Albert was on the ball today. Tthe best running wod i’ve seen him do yet. I’m just glad we had to do a 2nd mi so i could catch up 🙂

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