Learning to jump rope in Crossfit workouts can be a difficult task due to the timing and coordination involved in the movement of single and double under jumps.  Learning becomes exponentially more difficult if you are forced to use a rope that is not ideal for your body type or jumping style.  In order to effectively learn double unders, you need your own rope that is cut to suit your size and ability. Unfortunately, here at CrossFit Wilmington, we are unable to provide every single person in our classes and open gym with a jump rope that is suited for them.  If you want to be able to jump rope proficiently, we highly recommend that you purchase your own rope; fortunately, good jump ropes are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased for $10-15 from a few different sites.  The benefits of having your own rope include the ability to practice at home and take it with you on trips. Many improvised travel workouts can be completed with only a jump rope and body weight exercises.  Not to mention you won’t have to worry about finding a rope that is long or short enough when CFW programs a double under workout.  Affordable jump ropes can be ordered from Muscle Driver here or Again Faster here.

Tanner demonstrating correct double under technique. elbows bent, minimal knee bend and standing tall
Josh demonstrating incorrect double under technique. straight arms (making the rope shorter), bending at the hips/ knees (more energy expenditure) and a big jump


Turkish Get-ups 10r x 5s (10/0/0/2)
4 x 400m run (rest 2 min between sets)

Olympic Weightlifting

Class at 6:30 pm

8 thoughts on “The Problem With Jump Ropes

  1. Meagan says:

    Ladies Sunday Funday is still on, however, the dynamics have changed a little. We will meet from 12-3. We will still have Yoga, Kickboxing, Crossfit WODs, Sauna, Lululemon raffle, and Massages. There is no set price at the door. Just make a donation and come in and enjoy working out with ladies only! We will have the name of our fundraiser before Sunday. Keep looking at the website to see where all of the donations will be sent. I am still looking forward to having fun with the girls. Hope to see you all there.

  2. Jeremy B. says:

    To play devil’s advocate and lighten the mood a little, Josh does look like he is having more fun. Look at that smile.

  3. taylor says:

    I just went to order jump rope. $9 great price. NINE DOLLARS for shipping, boo. Does anyone else want to put in an order and save money on shipping? It will be more of a pain in the ass to coordinate getting payments together, but Im too cheap not to ask. ALSO– great commentary Whitney! Not just because you are my sister and I think you are great, but really awesome job. She put a link up here in comments if you all want to check it out.

  4. Tanner says:

    Josh may be having more fun, but jumping rope is serious business, hence the serious face.

    We are placing an order for some jump ropes for the gym. See myself or josh to add yours to the order, that should help with shipping.

  5. Cullen says:

    Is CFW doing anything w/ Crossfit for Hope? I’ve been off the grid for a while and wasn’t sure if this has already been established. If so, I apologize for the oversight.

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