The Next 5 Weeks
Very few CrossFits plan their workouts like we do at CrossFit Wilmington. Even fewer periodize and spend dedicated time working on one focus. We just spent 5 weeks focusing on strength. We know not all of you love to do pure strength work, but without it, your capacity to do all work would suffer. The “sexy metcon” style workouts are fun, but doing them day after day can easily lead to the same overtraining issues associated with aerobic work. Issues like cortisol related belly fat and loss of strength.

Beginning tomorrow (Monday) we shift to a new program.  For the next 5 weeks programming will include a bit of everything.  It is the classic CFW hybrid program…  with a new twist.

For the next five weeks expect to repeat workouts week by week.  The loads, reps, and intensity will vary, but the workouts will be the same you did the corresponding day of the preceding week. Each week you will be able record and note your adaptation to the loads and volumes.

Generally we do not pressure you to track your weights and workouts. However, during this cycle we encourage and recommend you keep a log to track your weight and times on each workout so that you can monitor your progress. Training days will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with Saturday as an optional workout as well. Wednesday will be Active Recovery day for the duration of this program and will include Flexibility, Mobility and Myofascial Release.

Give the next five weeks all your effort and we promise your gains will be great!


Sunday “Ladies Only” Fun Day – Today from 12pm to 3pm
Come on out Today from 12 to 3pm and enjoy a day filled with pampering and working out. We will be offering yoga, kickboxing, sauna, Crossfit WODs, massage, spray tanning, Zumba, athletic photo sessions and direct instruction from our very own CFW  girls! Sign up sheet is on the whiteboard in the lobby.  The proceeds will go to a 12 year old girl named Kimberly who is battling Cancer. Kimberly has an extremely rare case of Cancer called Leptomeningeal Oligodendrogliomatosis. There have only been about 30 people in the US diagnosed with this rare form of Cancer.


Nathan Push pressing during yesterday's Kids Class. CFW has Kids Classes each Saturday at 9am.

2012 Summer Kid’s Kamp Ages 4-7
We still have a few spots available for our CFW Summer Kid’s Kamp . The camp will run 9am to 1pm from June 18th – June 22nd. Your child will enjoy a week filled with Crossfit movements, Gymnastics, Yoga, Martial Arts, Nutritional education and much more. Light snacks will be provided daily during Nutrition Education. We recommend packing plenty of water and a small lunch.
Cost: $125 ($75 for siblings after initial $125)

We now have Speed Ropes for Sale. See an instructor to purchase one!
Cost: $12 

3 thoughts on “The Next 5 Weeks

  1. Meagan says:

    Great job Nathan. We have strong and skilled CFW kids. Watching our kids is very humbling. Ava and Ashley can handstand walk better than I walk on my two feet. Julia’s long legs make her a fast runner. Nathan can jump on a higher box than I can. Watching our younger crew: Bay, Zachary, Logan, Miles, Jayden, Ainsley and the list goes on. Kids have an amazing squat….we can all learn from them. I have a blast every Saturday morning. Thank you to all of the kids that come on Saturday for teaching me as well. You guys all rock.

  2. Allie says:

    I am so looking forward to being able to easily track progress over the next several weeks! Working to beat the previous week’s record is good motivation. Thanks so much to everyone who put on the Ladies’ Sunday Funday today. It was awesome, a lot of fun and a good workout simultaneously.

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