CrossFit Wilmington is excited to announce…

“The Nutrition Nexus”   A five part series on today’s, all inter-connected, nutrition issues.

  1. Healthy Weight Loss: A Heathy Diet, A Lean Body – Thursday, April 12th at 6:30pm
  2. Gut and Intestinal Health: Inflammation and Disease Start Point
  3. Improving Sleep, Cognition, and Stress:  Getting Your Mind Right
  4. Environmental Toxins: The Outside Directly Affects Your Insides
  5. Performance: The Intricacies of Eating and Supplementing for Increased Performance
*The dates for classes 2-5 will be announced soon.
Nutrition education provided to CrossFit Wilmington’s members has been one of the mainstays of our results.  CrossFit Wilmington has numerous clients who’ve lost over one hundred pounds and countless who lost over thirty pounds of unhealthy body fat.  But there’s more to your diet than just getting lean.
For those of you wanting more than just how to eat Paleo, this five part series on the common nutrition issues plaguing the industrialized world will cover specific topics in depth.  Our Paleo Nutrition Class is broad and covers the basics, this series gets into the details on the topics we need to understand better in order to truly improve our health.
Cost: $40 per class.


Get Lean Tip 2:  Train harder, not longer.

  • Train with intensity.  When you lift, lift with aggressiveness!  Run interval sprints, not long and slow cardio (runners are skinny fat, sprinters are jacked).


Chad displaying excellent form in yesterday's wod.

Muscle Up Progressions

4 thoughts on “The Nutrition Nexus… A Five Part Series on Today’s Nutrition Topics

  1. taylor says:

    Soooo….is the muscle up progression programed for today becuase yesterdays WOD humbled us when we had to crank out two in a row?! I, for one, am looking forward to learning this MU kip!! Very frustrating, but this MU wil NOT beat me 🙂

  2. Mike M says:

    I like these skill work days. Even if you’re a muscle up pro, I guarantee you have room to improve or be more efficient. Big shout out to Merritt for getting his 1st Muscle Up this morning during the 6am class!!!!!

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