Stand by for the winners of the “Not Normal / Give Yourself Abs for Christmas” Contest.  We’ll have them posted by 1pm.

I am so very impressed by the the dedication to this contest you guys put in.  There were many that lost over 10lbs and quite a few at almost 20lbs.  Not bad in a time of holiday cakes and candy.

So now you know what it’s like to drop a few pounds.  Now you know it’s not that difficult.  So what will you do now?  You can go back to your old ways of eating whatever you want when you want with no care or consideration of portions or total caloric intake.   Or you can stay on track and continue to get lean… or stay that way!

Life is full of decisions.  All it takes is you making the right one and little dedication and you can’t go wrong.

You’ve the best training, nutritional resources, and support you could ever wish for right here at CFW.  Take advantage.

And remember…  Paleo Muffins, Ice Cream, and Cobbler are like Martians, Bigfoot, and Thrasher.  Myths.


8 thoughts on “The “Not Normal” Contest winner to be announced…

  1. Scott S says:

    t. – It was a great idea to have this contest. It likely has changed many people’s ideas about eating for the long run. I think it is interesting to hear about people’s journey’s from where they started to where they are now. Like how they found Crossfit, what they looked like before and after, where they are now in their journey, what the plan to do next, etc. Any volunteers?

    Thanks for not only improving our bodies, but our minds.

  2. Joe W says:

    T are unicorns and dragons myths to because if that’s so I don’t think I can take much more of these revelations.

  3. No GOOD says:

    Joe of course Dragons are real…..Just look at how many more dragon movies there are than unicorn movies………Now step away from the ledge big guy !!!!! hahaha

  4. T.O. says:

    How does a KB snatch compare to a regular snatch? I can’t seem to get the movement down with the Barbell so until I can get some \real\ instruction it’s all I’ve got.

  5. Gabrielle says:

    I know I’m not a “crossfitter” … yet… hahaha but I think the contest was a phenomenal idea. Definitely changed Ryan’s life…. and made mine SO much easier 🙂 hehe

  6. t. says:

    T.O., the two are not the same… typically.

    The KB allows for bad habits that do not support proper lifting with the barbell. The most important being the transition as the KB is between the legs and doesn’t force you to move the knees around it.

    Work the barbell snatch “from the top, down”. I.e., from high to low hang positions. So… from the high hang, mid thigh, just above the knee, just below the knee, and from the floor.

    The first portion or 1st pull is just to get the bar to above the knees. Begin the explosiveness of the pull and the acceleration on the barbell above the mid thigh.

    Watch our “modified Burgener Warm Up” video on YouTube. Practice it. I will post it with a thorough explanation of it on Tuesday.

    Gabrielle… We see you getting closer and closer to starting. Don’t think you’re hiding. Ha. Start when you’re ready. We know you’re going to.

  7. t. says:

    I’m sorry Bro. None of those things are real. But like Ron said… if they were, they’d be tasty on the grill.

    I’m being hard on the desserts b/c I’m witnessing “strict Paleo” eaters getting fat while working out at a CrossFit. It’s confusing and honestly, very frustrating for me.

    Desserts are desserts. Placing the word Paleo in front of them doesn’t make it so. Nor does it make it ok to eat them daily.

    They’re no different than fruit. You have to eat very little of it.

    The holidays are a lame excuse for eating junk… actually, all excuses are lame.

    What Jana, Ryan, Walt, Caleb, Chaquetta, Trina, Jon J. and others did (they lost 10lbs or more) is not that profound.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not downplaying their accomplishment, but they would probably now agree, losing 10 lbs isn’t difficult.
    The benefits of being lighter are huge and crush the temporary “fix” you get from cookies, muffins, cake, and other crap you put in your gut.

    Maybe we’ll do this again in a few weeks… a second chance of sorts. And just in time to get you a new bathing suit for the beach wods.

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