…the More They Stay the Same.

“the aggressive training we have always been known for has not been compromised.”

The epigram made famous by Jean-Babtiste Karr during the late 1800’s when France, and all post-industrialized Europe, was trying to find its way in a fast changing world.  It’s meaning reflects the authors views the “progressive” changes in France did not reflect much more the status quo.

Let’s avoid comparing CrossFit Wilmington to post revolutionary or post industrialized France, but if you haven’t noticed there has been a little change at CrossFit Wilmington lately.  Though not just lately… CrossFit Wilmington began to change and grow on January 14th, 2008…  the second day we were open for business.

The "ol' CFW" - Darren pulling 500lbs

Since opening, our CrossFit box has undergone many changes.  Most of you who have been with us from the beginning agree, our growth and changes has taken CFW from a little box, to one of the most successful affiliates in the world.  We organized our operation.  We increased our number of trainers.  We implemented modern accounting software.  We upgraded the website.  We built and purchased better equipment.  We moved into a larger facility.  We began offering programs like olympic weight lifting, strength programming, rowing clinics, power lifting clinics and nutrition services.  We created the largest network of health and fitness professionals and enthusiasts Wilmington has ever seen.  All these things were implemented due to the demands of existing members… members who wanted more than what the “old CFW” offered.

Fast forward to the present…  to better meet the demand for CrossFit Wilmington to offer the greatest quality services, we have expanded.  A few weeks back we began to stock supplements.  Doing so was a decision I toiled with for a couple of years.  Honestly, after becoming exhausted from countless members asking if the fish oil you bought at CostCo was any good, I decided to give you the opportunity to purchase high quality products right here at CrossFit Wilmington.  So now, those who want to take advantage, can purchase their supplements (the exact same supplements I take) at CFW and be confident you are getting the highest quality supplements, no guess work needed.

Our original mantra “IF YOU WANT MORE, YOU HAVE TO DO MORE” has never been more true.

Want more... strength and muscle? Wilmington Strength & Conditioning

Enter Wilmington Strength & Conditioning.  This is one of the greatest additions to our facility yet.  It is an opportunity to train in a pure strength program with equipment designed for the purpose.  The equipment is very high end.  Sorinex, Ivanko and Elite FTS are found in College and Professional Sports conditioning facilities world wide.  The staff is comprised of coaches who possess the expertise in the field and want to train athletes interested in increasing their strength.  So for you CrossFitters who want to shift over to a pure strength program for a few months to get stronger or if you are interested in training for and competing in a power lifting match, you now have the opportunity… just like the WSC guys and gals can switch to CrossFit to develop their metcon and endurance skills.  Neither program gets to use the others’ equipment and they must respect each others space.  It’s like a grown up version of the playground.

CrossFit Wilmington and Wilmington Strength & Conditioning are two separate, but supporting entities.  The training and focus are different with each program.  You do not have to be a member of one to train with the other.  In other words, a CFW member does not have to pay CFW fees to switch over to WSC.  Of course the option to be a member of both is yours.

CFW and WSC have different rates and different schedules.  Like CFW, Wilmington Strength requires a period of introduction and instruction before you can move into open gym.  It is a professional and safe approach to training that will yield the highest quality results.

One of the things that has always set CrossFit Wilmington apart from other CrossFits is our open gym.  We are one of very few CrossFits that offer it worldwide, and the only affiliate in Wilmington to do so.  I designed our program and instruction to teach each of you to be able to do CrossFit without formal instruction.  Robb Wolf told me I was insane for offering it and Dave Castro just gave me a confused look when we discussed my reasoning for it.  I still believe it is a good system and want to continue offering it as long as there is a demand for it.

Good Change: Cody upped his deadlift from 445lbs to 500lbs in last two months.

Unfortunately, the open gym can easily lead you into a training rut.  A rut that yields little results and does little to inspire us to achieve new goals.  Each open gym member would benefit from signing up for a couple months of classes.  Whether it be with the strength program, oly program, or a return to CrossFit classes, you will learn what you’ve forgotten, get new workout partners, and most likely find new inspiration for new goals.  During that time you will learn the foundations of a solid training program.  I bet many of you would not want to go back to open gym.  If you did, you would be far more capable of developing and executing a self-directed plan of improvement.

The one thing that has never changed is my unyielding commitment to help every member get the maximum benefit from their experience with us.  Whatever your goal, I want you to achieve it.  Please never hesitate to discuss your training goals and all things related to our gym with me.  I am always available to you and value your input greatly.  If you want to know something about anything we do, just ask.

Sad Change: Don and Andy aren't "partners" anymore.

Our program, instruction and equipment are valuable, world class assets.  Yet it is easy to get bored with any setting.  If that ever happens, you should check out one of the other affiliates in town.  I have always urged CFW members to get out and train at other affiliates.  Tracy and Keith at Port City CrossFit and Brock at CrossFit Carolina Beach are great folks with great programs.  If you need a new environment to get your fitness or motivation revved up, give them a try. Your training environment can be just as important as any other aspect of your gym.

So while there have been many changes at CFW in the last 4 and half years, the dedication to your health and fitness and the aggressive training we have always been known for has not been compromised.




Today we will start the Operator Ugly Test (OUT).  Designed by Rob Shaul of Military Athlete, the OUT is a combat readiness test for our Military. In its original configuration, the test is to be completed in 90-105 minutes, but due to time constraints, we will make it a two day event (today and tomorrow). 

Warm up:

4 Rounds of…
10 Goblet Squats (25)
8 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups

“Ugly Operator” Part 1

Max Rep Bench Press (185/95)
rest 2 minutes
Max Rep Front Squat (185/95)
rest 2 Minutes
Max Rep Dead Stop Dead Lift in 1 min (225/135)
rest 2 min

4 Rounds of AMRAP of…
60 seconds of 25 meter Sprints
60 seconds rest

Click here for full explanations and standards

3 thoughts on “The More Things Change…

  1. Tanner says:

    WSC is a phenomenal addition to our facility. The instructors are top notch. If you want to get stronger ,(and you should) do a few months at WSC. That strength will carry over into crossfit or any sport of your choosing.
    Just another way CFW sets the standard in the state of NC

  2. Sensei says:

    As one of the original members (Started February 20, 2008). I can testify to the awesome camaraderie and atmosphere of our then “little box”. There was only about 30 of us then, and I remember Tony would cook us breakfast on Friday mornings after the workout.

    The changes are necessary and proper to facilitate growth and continued AWESOMENESS. No it’s not the same as it was in 2008. But if it was, We would not be growing, we would not be expanding our ability and capacity.


  3. Meagan says:

    I can’t wait to see how everyone does with Operator Ugly. I remember doing it with Sweet T., aka Taylor, and Kelly L. I got my booty whipped…haha. Thanks ladies for pushing me then-I needed it! 🙂

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