Alex Viada of Complete Human Performance will be presenting a 4 topic seminar on the fundamentals of hybrid training:

  • Specific and systemic adaptations to both resistance and endurance training
  • Maximizing speed and power production
  • Program design considerations for combination endurance and strength training
  • Improving specific work capacity- building endurance and volume tolerance

Alex has been a coach and trainer for over ten years, specializing in building simultaneous strength and endurance in his athletes. His client list includes former and current Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, SOFD-Delta operators, Police and Fire personnel, high level CrossFit competitors, Ultramarathoners, Ironman Triathletes, Powerlifters, Bodybuilders, and Fitness/Figure competitors.

He practices what he preaches, deadlifting over 700 pounds while maintaining the ability to run a sub 4:30 mile and compete in both Ironman Triathlons and Ultramarathons at a bodyweight of 225.

Read more about Alex here.

This course is open to the public.

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