I just read this article by Bill Born posted on Elite FTS and it made me think a bit about how we do things at CFW.  I like reading intelligent articles about how other trainers and gyms operate.  I appreciate other coaches’ insight and perspectives.  I am happy to sometimes find things I can implement at CFW to better our program.  I am even more pleased when I find we are doing some of the same things that made them successful.  In the case of the female, I’ve always been very serious about how CFW treats, respects, and even caters to them.

[pullquote align=”left” type=”simple”]I enjoy the challenge of each workout. I have been able to reach goals I thought I’d never be able to at my age. –  Rhonda[/pullquote]Most gyms are 70-80% male.  CrossFit Wilmington is now almost 50% male and 50% female.  How in the hell has the CrossFit known as being the toughest, most intimidating, and alledgedly egotistical gym in Wilmington (and most of the East Coast) become a place where women are not only comfortable, but are thriving.

It is pretty simple.  From day one, we have put forth the effort to creating an environment where our ladies are not only comfortable, but insured an environment where not matter their fitness level, weight loss needs, or physical limitations they are treated with respect and given the same attention as any other client.  In other words, a new female, unsure of herself and her new gym, is provided the same training as one of the firebreathers training for the Games.  A bonus for our new females…  they’re getting training from the only firebreathers in Wilmington.

Our “crawl, walk, run” format of introducing new members, both female and males, allows our new members the best acclimation to their new [pullquote align=”right” type=”simple”]I like the group of friends I’ve made at CFW. We come here every day to overcome our limitations, work hard, and have fun. – Carolina[/pullquote]training environment.

Yes, CrossFit Wilmington is the toughest and most discerning CrossFit in these parts.  Our standards exceed the minimum in every aspect.  From our training methods to our programming to our equipment, we are far beyond anything else you can find in Wilmington.  We are the gym others graduate to.  It’s known when CrossFitters are ready to up their intensity and take things to the next level, CFW is naturally where they come.  I’m proud of that.  But even though we rock the title of the toughest CF, our crew is always happy and smiling.  If we are happy and motivating, our environment is too.

Our instructors never make inappropriate comments or passes at our clients.  It’s the fastest way to be shown an exit as a CFW instructor or even a member.  I don’t allow exceptions.  The cliche’ of the trainer making passes at clients is one I detest.  It is something a women endures her entire life, I want CFW to be a safe haven where our ladies feel like their male training partners and instructors are their equals or even brothers… not creepy pervs.

[pullquote align=”left” type=”simple”]“I feel very comfortable at CFW. I love the team feeling and how supportive and helpful everyone is!” – Jordan[/pullquote]We see providing training and nutrition recommendations as a privilege with huge responsibility.  This facility isn’t a play toy given to me by my parents to abuse and throw around.  Women deserve a place to train with none of the bad cliches gyms and trainers are known for.

Our approach to all our members is to provide the best training, in the friendliest environment, by the most educated / experienced instructors in the region.  That is actually very easy.  Building a culture of professionalism where all our members are comfortable and can thrive is, and always will be, our number one priority.


From an instructor’s Perspective…

CF Wilmington is one of the only gyms I have been to where the attitude and professionalism of the staff not only made me feel comfortable, but actually increased my self-esteem and confidence. I think it is largely because CFW has no “women’s only” classes or “women’s areas”. Men and women do the same workouts in the same area. Any gender divisions evaporate.

Every member, both male and female, regardless of fitness level, receives the same personalized, caring attention from our staff.

Far from being afraid to train among men, I now take great pride in being able to teach our members. I strive to positively impact their confidence the same way CFW has mine. – Sara C.