Emily C. 13 years old and smarter than most of us.

Emily Cooke, Brad’s daughter, wanted to share this: 

     I began doing paleo about 6 months ago, and I began strict paleo about a month ago. Paleo has many benefits, and the way of eating makes sense; would a caveman eat it?                                                        

     One way paleo helped me was by keeping me more alert, and focused. I was getting an A+ on nearly every assignment, in every subject.  You are able to pay attention more easily, and be more alert to things around you. So, I guess you could say it makes you smarter. Paleo also helped me lose weight, over 15 pounds, and I didn’t work out once, except for my daily routine of school.  Just imagine how much weight you could lose if you did work out. They say that you,” feel like crap”, for the first 2 weeks because you are taking all of the sugars, and things out of your body, but maybe I didn’t feel that because I am only a kid. Also on paleo, you don’t feel like you need to eat as much, and snack on something.

     If you want to successfully do paleo, first you have to find things you like to eat that are paleo, and learn to say no to fatty food. If you have a hard time doing so, just look at the label of the Twinkie, or pop tart you are about to shove in your mouth. Can you even read the words on the label? Make simple substitutions, like instead of a regular peanut butter cookie, have a paleo almond butter cookie; switch almond butter for peanut butter. And, if you are very desperate, have dark chocolate covered almonds, and switch almonds for potato chips, or make cinnamon roasted almonds.

     One thing I can tell you about doing paleo, is never try to explain it to someone who doesn’t have any background knowledge on it. I tried to explain to a girl at school, that bread is bad for you since humans have been around thousands of years, and wheat had only been around for 2000 years, so our bodies haven’t adapted to it. The next day, she was saying how much she loves bread. Then, I tried to explain to my Spanish class that eating a banana is like eating a snickers bar, with all of the sugar it has in it, but their  only response was “but those are natural sugars”, true, but isn’t regular cane sugar natural too?

     I broke my paleo streak on the 10th of October with my birthday party cake when I turned 13, but I plan to continue paleo starting this week.
     I say eat paleo, it is the way our bodies were intended to live.

 Emily Cooke

10 thoughts on “The Caveman Diet. So easy a 13 year old can do it!

  1. drew says:

    Wow, if only I knew as much about nutrition at 13 as Emily does! My mental image of her arguing with her class over bananas and bread is hilarious, keep up the awesome work Emily!

  2. peter says:

    Just got back from Florida and introduced my Mom to (I’ve been telling her about paleo forever). So, we type in some foods that she’s been eating and she was amazed at how many carbs she’s actually been eating.
    She is determined to get on track and cut down on her carb intake so she can lose weight.

    Now i’m going to send her a link to Emily, what inspiration!!!!! If a girl at 13 can do paleo with all of the pressures of school and friends than I know anyone can.

    Great Job Emily and wish my Mom well on her way to weight loss and feeling better.

  3. Whitney says:

    Emily, excellent essay! You should submit it to your school paper. Is this your first published article? I guess you’ll have no trouble finding topics for research papers for the rest of highschool. I often say that I wish I had known about this lifestyle 20 years ago, I would have an even more successful life. Emily, you are on the path of enlightenment which leads to the palace of wisdom.

  4. Nick Mazejka says:

    The video is awesome and Emily thats awesome you have a good head on your shoulders. Stay with it and you will achieve great things!!

  5. Rosie says:

    Great article Emily! Very valuable lessons to learn at such a young age. No doubt you will be able to use these principles in many aspects of your life as you get older.

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