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Yesterday CrossFit Wilmington traveled to CrossFit Durham to compete in the 2nd Annual Carolina CrossFit Challenge.  CFW had 26 members compete.  27 really…  we still claim Karen of CFOIB!  All but two made it through the first cut and we had 11…  yes, CrossFit Wilmington had 11 athletes in the finals.   Dawn and Tanner were our top two for the day, both took 4th place.  Dave B. took 3rd in the Masters and our Brother Kent took 1st place.

These events make me so proud of CFW.  Classy and professional.  That’s how you guys roll.  My trainers are not only the best in the business… they f’ing represent!  And our members put it on them.

A huge congrats to you guys and gals.  A wonderful sight to see all you do so well and with such esteem.

And I cannot thank the 20 or so folks that made the trip just to support our competing athletes.  It means so much.

I am humbled and proud of my crew for bigger things.  Not one of our crew left after being cut.  They stayed through to the end and

Teamwork - Pre-workout pep talk. CFW Instructors Liz and Thomas. T

helped clean up and move equipment.  CFW athletes and coaches that were injured volunteered to judge.  That is the class and professionalism I’m even more proud of CFW being known for than our finishes and finals.  It was sad to see other affiliates bale out when their participants were cut.  I mean, how can you not help out at an event like this?  I’m not trying to smack other Affiliates in the face (not today anyway), but I am calling them out for being lazy, selfish terds.

CrossFit Wilmington supports the community and I’ve never had to ask you to.  You guys just do it.  Again… I’m humbled and it was nice to get thank yous from Dave and Andy and other CF Durham crew.

While there will always be gripes and complaints on scoring, judging, programming and anything else people can gripe about, Dave and CF Durham… along with head judge Andy Hendel the all the judges and volunteers put on a great events.

Admittedly, CFW was dissapointed in the simplicity of the workouts.  Yeah…  we would’ve loved to had Snatch at 185lbs/105lbs in the WODs.  Or better… a Clean & Jerk WOD with 255lbs/145lbs in it.  Ha.  That’s the fun about competing in CrossFit events… you don’t get to choose.  Of course, if the programming were different the results would’be completely different.  Heck, we could’ve programmed a workout that only 6 or 7 of the guys and 4 or 5 of the ladies there could even do as Rx’ed.  But that could go either way.  A heavier, more technical programming would favor CFW.   But more bodyweight stuff would favor the smaller, faster competitors.   That is CrossFit.

A Community... of badass women! Our Kelly gets some coaching from Tracy Maurice of CF Outer Banks. Congrats to Kelly on her fist CrossFit competition and to Tracy on her 3rd place take!

Oddly, we would’ve loved a mile run in there too.  I was looking at our line up and over half of the guys have sub 6 miles and all the ladies are sub 7 and a few of them are sub 6.

It’s fun to enter a competition, that on that day, at that place, with those weights to see who’s the tops.  We showed the Carolinas, with 26 badasses, that our programming works.  It works with the MetCons, the Max lifts, and long chippers.  We represent the Port City and do it well.

Congrats to all the competitors at the Challenge.  And one to CF Vitality for taking the Sled home.  They had 5 in the finals and won the “CrossFit Wilmington Award”.

Thanks to everyone that made it happen.  We are happy to be able to participate.

Stand by for the video and we hope you’re enjoying your rest day.  Tomorrow you get to see how you compare to our Challenge competitors on the workouts they did this weekend.

12 thoughts on “The Carolina CrossFit Challenge Recap

  1. Emily says:

    This weekend was so great! Yet again, the CFW family represented well with a huge crowd and support to ALL. I loved hearing Kathleen next to me feeling bad that a guy between two CFW men had no one really yelling for him. She took it upon herself to find out his name and started cheering for him as well. After the workout, he thanked all who cheered him on, stating it helped so much. That is why so many people love this gym. As a whole, CFW is a group of amazing athletes and major badasses, but we reach out to others as well. The community, organizations and other CFs. All of that thanks to the leadership of t and Julie. Thanks to all for dealing with my big mouth yelling again this year, not quite as loud as last year compliments of surgery, but still loud =) It is amazing to watch you all compete, help others, and just be yourselves. Congrats to all this weekend!

  2. ju says:

    You all are such amazing athletes. There is such a rush watching each of you compete. You give it your all. This is one of the many reasons why I am proud to be a part of CFW. Good job yesterday.

  3. Rob the Ghost says:

    Great job everyone… WOW!!! My first CrossFit event was an awesome experience, not just as a competitor but as a spectator too! Watching you all compete, it really makes me want to push myself even harder and do more of the CrossFit WoD’s, and not be such a (donna) specialist!

    But speaking of stepping outside of your normal limits, and for those of you that didn’t make it to Durham to hear the announcement, Peter Haas of CrossFit Winston-Salem and http://www.weightliftingevents.com told us that there will be at least 4 Olympic Style Weightlifting events held in NC this year. He is hosting one at Triad Barbell on February 26. For those of you that competed, and those who wish they had, here’s your chance to set some more goals in a different arena, Oly Weightlifting comps are fun!

  4. DC says:

    Even half way around the world I hear how the CFW family represented, how much of a class act each and everyone of you are.. Congrats to all those of you who tested yourself, and huge thanks to those who supported. People ask me all the time what is it about you crew that makes you guys do what you do? The 1st few times I heard this question I was kinda dumb founded like what do you mean, aren’t all boxes like this.. and then I started to look around me.. We not only cheer for our team we cheer for others, not only do we push our team we push others we don’t even know, not only do we coach our team, we coach others even as the events are going on.. and When its all said in done CFW is still there to clean up.. now many other boxes do half this..not many I’ve come to findout. Every where CFW goes we make friends who become family, and when our family moves to another box we still call them family.. I’ve always been proud of the class act we all do as CFW FAMILY. Miss you all and see ya soon

  5. t. says:

    We did so well yesterday. Let’s not forget all our athletes are young… most are young in age and athletic maturity and all are still very new to CrossFit.

    In the last year we’ve watched Caleb, Tanner, and John Z. develop into machines. Thomas down-shifted and really showed he’s the potential to roll with the top boys. Sweaty and Ben, as they continue to tune up their technique, are going to apply their strength and hurt feelings.

    Our ladies are tough and talented (and hot!). They are some of the most talented out there and all of them are new to this thing. Yesterday was all but Dawn’s first CrossFit competition. As they tap into their potentials, they will really show the community what’s up.

    In the coming year, our young ones will really begin to mature. Their form and technique will improve along with their strength, power, and stamina. The two will combine to yield serious quantifiable results.

    Us older folks, who really feel our injuries at these things, will watch (retire! ha.) as our young and new push the limits. I can’t wait.

  6. No GOOD says:

    CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS TO my CFW family! Reading Tony’s post the comments and all the texts I recieved I know I missed something truly amazing. The CFC is am amazing event! I remember after last year Tony had 2 affiliate owners tell him they want to sell their box and move to Wilmington because of who we CFW are!! I can not wait to see tonys viedo! Glad we had so many new members compete and we had so many enter!!! I am pround to be part of CFW and proud of all of you!!!!

  7. Julie G. says:

    ju you really are an amazing coach! remembering back to the dutch square box, you have always instlled in me that I have more than I think….. I did not even look at the rower pace yesterday, I just listened to you and Thomas. It was the easiest fastest 1250 I have ever rowed. You really helped me out yesterday. The amrap too!!! I was on my way to gassing out but kept a good steady pace that I was able to maintain. I also appreciate you answering my endless obsessive nutrition questions at the box all the time, Haha

    Thomas not only have you really transformed yourself in the last year but the last few months something else has changed ..you have really become an awesome coach and mentor and I also appreciate all of your advice and support. yesterday and leading up to challenge.

    Dawn thx again for helping me gain confidence on my lifts . It means alot to hear from you that my lifts were good!!

    Too many to mention all . We help each other at CFW. That is what makes it so special. Thank you everyone for support and commradarie. An amazing day was had by all. Everyone laid it out yesterday competitors and supporters.

  8. Julie G. says:

    FYI The Feb 26 event in Winston Salem Rob is referring to has only 50 slots available and 2 registered so far,

  9. Tracy says:

    As our car ride up of Gene, Noelle, Amy A and I traveled to Durham we were all psyched to cheer Team CFW on! Our turnout of athletes and spectators were all gathered together waiting with CFW sweatshirts on, their coolers of food, Dr. McGraw treating our team and of course hugs,smiles and happy faces ready to start the competition! It was so amazing hustling in between the gym for the front squats then to the field to see our crew start the first WOD. We had so many competitors and we were all cheering for them plus others we did not know. From screaming get that last rep so it counts in the 1st wod to up up up when they were doing the front squats. You could feel the energy around you!! To the guys and gals of CFW yesterday you continue to impress us with your strength, your way to push on through the hard wod, be there for each other, coaching each other and others as they would be going through the day with such class. So proud of you!! And proud to be apart of such an amazing gym!! Love CFW!!

  10. DC says:

    From looking at pics I think we are always overlooking our super young.. The young kid that have grown into young men. From the Pic I can see on Facebook Jordan is getting super strong and could be a serious beast. I wish I knew about crossfit when i was his age.. Keep it up Jordan. I can remember when you would be walking in the gym all quite and shy, and struggling with the bar.. now look at you… Julie what was your row time?

  11. sara! says:

    Congratulations everyone! The pics on FB are GREAT! It’s inspiring to look upon our whiteboard and know that you are able to train side-by-side some of the most talented and classiest athletes inside and outside of the CrossFit community. Thank you for being my family.

  12. Julie G. says:

    DC Jordan did so great!! He never gave up on the heavy KB snatches and carries in the amrap and PRd his FS. Amazing to watch. I rowed 1250 in 4:23 got off of rower and able to hit 5 C2B pullups I am usually way more gassed AND slower on a 1000m row. I do listen to you guys I just have to practice it more. I can reflect and say what if or I can say damn I really learned from that and know what to do next time. Now I want to work on row technique so I don’t waste energy like I always have fighting for a faster time.

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