The biggest mistake in fitness is to assume that there is only one “right way” to do things. The fitness flavor of the month is constantly changing, but one thing that is not changing is the staggering rate of obesity in the US.


Over half of our population is overweight or obese. We live in the south so that number is actually higher. We NEED exercise.


To ascribe one stance on fitness to millions of people is irresponsible. Even worse, to belittle people who are getting out and trying to do something productive with their wellness.


While Zumba or Body Pump may not be the most effective, or my favorite ways of getting exercise, I will never fault a person for attempting to get into shape. Too many fitness professionals chastise others for not following their program, and I’m frankly tired of it.


The number one thing that will help folks stick to a fitness plan is if they enjoy it. Some may stick to a training regimen that they hate for a short time, but if a program isn’t fun, it’s not going to last for most.


I believe that high intensity, functional movement works for everyone. We vary it up and keep it fun. But if that doesn’t work for you I’ll never give you a hard time. Get out and do something that you’ll stick with. Walk, run, lift weights, just DO! Have fun and work hard.


How do you train? Tell us!