Maybe you can relate to this. You are in the middle of your workout and there’s one move that you haven’t quite mastered. Everything else in the workout is something you can handle, but that ONE movement is keeping you from being able to complete the workout as prescribed.


Maybe it’s double unders. Or maybe pull ups, or snatches. Regardless it’s just ONE thing that is holding you back.


What if you could spend 30-60 minutes working on that ONE thing? Do you think you could get the hang of stringing kipping pull ups together in an hour? Or could you finally drop under your snatch by taking some time to simply practice it under the watchful eye of a coach?


I think you could.


I also think that mastering skills is an essential part of the CrossFit experience. If you’re not improving your skill set, you’re selling yourself short on this fitness journey. Depending on the size of the class our coaches probably only get to do maybe 5 minutes of personalized coaching on skills with each of you per class (not group instruction). Extend that personal instruction to 30 or 60 minutes instead, and we can agree that you’ll see a dramatic jump in your skill mastery.


So if there’s an aspect of our classes that you are particularly struggling with, grab a coach and set up a skill session. It doesn’t have to be a big personal training package, just 30 minutes. If you can get that kipping pull up, the next time we do “Fran” you’ll be ecstatic to be able to do RX.