The best training program is the one you stick with.

So really, there are very few bad training programs. Given the epidemic of obesity in our country, anything that gets us up off the couch and doing something is a plus in my book. There are definitely effective ways of getting in shape, and some not so effective ways, but really doing something – anything – is going to be better than most.

One of the things that turns off many gym goers is boredom.

Sure, training the exact same way on different days of the week is fun at first. You get stronger, you start to see results. Your muscles firm up, maybe you lose some weight or see that first ab poking through. But somewhere along the line we get tired of doing the same thing every single session. It’s too predictable.

Then what happens? Instead of training 5 days per week we drop to 3. Then 2. Then once per week. And just like that we’re back to the standard american life. Work, eat, couch, eat, sleep, repeat. No gym at all.

Doing things that are new can break up the monotony of an every day program. Even CrossFit can get boring from time to time. Mixing up training stimulus can allow you to refocus your training on a specific goal or event, and get you motivated to get after it again.

Another way that changing your training helps is to break through plateaus. Even small changes gives your body something new to adapt to. For example, the difference between a back squat and a front squat may not seem like much on the surface. But a small change in the bar positioning will make you work different muscles and become stronger.

We do our best to give you a good amount of variance while still following a training direction. You will rarely do the exact same workout 2 times in less than 3 months.  We aim to keep the training stimulus novel, but with an end goal in mind.

If you feel like your training has stagnated, or you are just plain bored with your program, come talk to us and we can find a way to get you enjoying your training again!