I don’t ever want to grow up. 

The trip as a whole was amazing. I absolutely love Disney World and being a big kid, being goofy and fitting right in with 90% of the other Looneys out there. Ok, maybe just some of them. The other some are just weird. But let’s talk fitness and health.

Friday was travel day. I slept or drove my Mom crazy the majority of the 9hour trip. I already started upping my fish oil and BCAA doses and was drinking copious amounts of water so we stopped a lot for potty breaks and for me to stretch out my hamstrings and lower back. Got to the ESPN Wide World of Sports around 6PM and went to packet pick up. I wanted “Hodge” on my bib instead of “Amanda” so I forgot I had switched my first/last names on my registration and almost had a freak out because they couldn’t find me under the proper order of my name. Ha! Bought a couple things at the expo (carrying case to go around my arm and cool “green” tank top) then headed out to get dinner. Kept it Paleo all weekend… I wanted to have a drink pretty bad Friday night then again Sunday night. If I can go 6 months I can get another tattoo. Deal I made myself. We will see.

Semi- slept in Saturday morning and took Mom out in the parking lot for a mini “traveling” WOD. We did “Susan”: 5 Rounds of 200m run, 10 air squats 10 push ups, except I doubled the reps and distance for me. SO proud of my Ma Dukes for sticking with this. Worked more mobility trying to loosen up my lower back but I’m pretty sure it is more nerve then muscular now. Then off to the parks we went.

Came back to the resort to eat lunch from the food we brought from home and then went back out. Left for dinner around 6, going to Logan’s Roadhouse. I didn’t change my diet up any except I did have more sweet potato than I normally would.
I also got pork chops and sweet potato fries to go so I would have something to eat in the morning (wake up time is 3AM). Probably finally fell asleep around 10-1030 which sucked since I was getting up so early.

Race Day.
Up at 0300 to be on the bus by 0400 to be at the corals by 0500 to cross the starting line at 0600. YEAH. Loaded up my post-race supplements into a bag and ate my pork chop/avocado/sweet pot fry mush while on the bus. Friday- Monday I took a total of 40g of fish oil and 80g of BCAAs each day, along with 15g of glutamine, 50, 000IU of D3 and shit ton of magnesium (I also had the Poliquin Zinc but not sure how many mgs are in each capsule, but i had 2 of them each day too).
During the race around mile 13 and 18 I took those gel shots, some BCAAs and a java stim.Could feel difference when these kicked in. I also took water at every other station after mile 13 too due to the heat. Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of my 3rd 26.2 miler…

-I finished. With the lower back issue I have been having and neglecting adequate rest for I honestly thought this was going to be a true concern.
-Recovery was insanely fast. Back in the gym Tuesday and actually hit a PR on my snatch from the blocks and unbroken butterfly pull ups.
-I did not chaff. Big Booty Judy’s worst nightmare is running long distances and my thighs catching fire.
– Was able to take the most pictures I’ve taken yet 🙂 I do this run for fun, not to be a Kenyan.
-I did it in my 195 Inov8.

-I did it in my Inov8. I really believe this was the culprit of the majority of my pain. I LOVE these shoes, but due to the programming of CrossFit Endurance I only had 2 “long runs” that were no longer than 2 hours or 13 miles. My feet literally were dying on me it felt like, which made me change my running technique which i think aggravated my lower back more than normal.
-My training for this race was sub par. I was serious leading up to about a month away then the nagging back issues just took my motivation away. Plus it was pretty shitty weather the week before Christmas on and doing long tempo runs on a treadmill is suicide. And I love to run so this bothered me that I was having lack of effort issues. I was enjoying being in the gym so much I didn’t wanna take time away from the barbell (hence lingering back issue, yes insert back of head slap here)!!!
* I am NOT knocking the CrossFit Endurance training regime, I’m knocking my time spent running long distances in my Inov8 and my lack of running towards the end.

Post race.
After the race I iced my back on the bus ride back to the hotel and sat in tub of cold water for about 10-15min trying to make my feet feel better. I felt really swollen too. Turned on the hot shower and continued to sit there and stretch and rub my muscles. That time in the tub/shower makes all the difference. I had 2 Progenex recovery shakes with my glutamine in it and kept poppin’ my Poliquin BCAAs. I FELT GOOD even with the soreness. Ate the rest of my pork chops and sweet pot fries, more fish oil and magnesium then out the door we went to visit the other parks!
Moved a little slower than I was Saturday haha but seriously my only complaint was my feet. Sunday evening we went back to Logan’s to catch the end of the Patriots game (here I would normally have a drink ) and fuel up on food. More veggies with more sweet potato, grilled jumbo shrimp and an 8oz fillet that I ended up barely eating. Guess my body just really wanted the carbs. Left there and once again went back to the parks. As the evening progressed my body switched over to Auto-pilot at some point and was just counting down the minutes until it didn’t have to walk anymore, but my mind kept going because I was NOT leaving the Magic Kingdom until it closed.
Think I finally got back to our hotel around 11:30. I walked the remaining 500yds with my inov8s (diff pair) off and just ran my feet through the grass. IT. FELT. SO. GOOD. Stretched more using the bands and rolling my feet all over the lacrosse ball, more fish oil and BCAAs and my magnesium night cap. I don’t even remember my head hitting the pillow.

Monday and going forward.
I FELT LIKE NEW MONEY HONEY, soreness was almost nonexistent in my feet and after a couple squats was able to drop ass to grass with ease. Looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes

I depuffed overnight!!!!!!!!! No wonder I felt so damn good!! Take that autoimmune diseases!!! F yeah. Almost a year ago exactly I sat down with Tony and expressed my concern with not going on medicine to treat my Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns Disease  (I had been hospitalized February 2012 due to a stress triggered flare up). I DID NOT want to be on immuno-suppresants or drugs with horrible side affects. He got back with me with a supplement plan we call “the protocol” but drilled me on taking care of my stress issues. I have a knack for going hard…. 110% of the time. I get off by seeing how much I can put my body through. It’s an adrenaline rush. Stress that was caused from intense training, inadequate rest, etc. It’s sick really, but it’s me and I’ve learned how to off set it. Some. Back in my younger days I used different means of “pushing the limits” but that’s a different day different blog. But the protocol was basically supplements and a mental tool that were to aid in the reduction of inflammation in my body that I, Me, MYSELF placed there either by eating foods that were red flagged on my MRT or stress caused from over training and anxiety. Note: I LOVE SWEET POTATO. It is also Numero Uno on my MRT as an immune response trigger. By Monday I could feel the affects of eating it over the past couple days; eyes were puffy and watery, like the beginning of a sinus infection. Nothing crazy like what the running did, but it’s just small things I notice now since I cleaned up my diet. And to this day I still before I go to bed tell God what I am thankful for. A lot of it is usually for Him not striking me down for being such a foul mouthed young lady. Haha. I said lady.

Also I finally started switching over all my health and beauty products to all natural, organic substances. The results offset the costs and I feel and look even healthier each time I apply something to my skin that I know is toxin free. I work in the nuclear energy field, I get enough shit from those guys.

Before this race I had my eyes set on doing a full Iron Man next January in Key West, the BoneIslandTriathlon. I still want to, but I need a ComingtoJesus talk with myself to understand I cannot go ape shit with CrossFit and still expect to be able to train the endurance requirements I need to in order to complete it. Some things are going to have to give and dedication is a must especially since I will be on the road traveling for work September-late November.

I will end on this reflection. 3 years ago I started Paleo and shortly after CrossFit. I have Steve Pinkerton and CrossFit Vitality to thank for that and I am forever grateful because he literally turned my life around. A year ago I had a setback and luckily had Tony and CrossFit Wilmington to help me once again get my shit together. The knowledge that he gave me about one’s own health, physically and mentally is invaluable. I know he would really like hit me every time I do something and then wonder why my body reacts the way it does, but I’m stubborn and have had to learn the hard way.

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10 thoughts on “That Hodge Girl… CFW Instructor on her recent Marathon, Nutrition, Training, and her Autoimmune Disease

  1. Tom Bell says:

    Great write, thighs catching fire, not to be a Kenyan, you trip me out. Moving to Wilmington in March and I think CFW will be one of my first stops. Looking forward to working with you

  2. t. says:

    The Hodge Girl… yeah, she’s so hard headed sometimes in my efforts to help her I’ve wanted to bonk her on the noggin. It took a lot to convince her that her health was more important than CrossFit and if she addressed her health she be able to CrossFit! But when it was time she had to get it together, she did. Now that she’s been healthy for a full year, she knows how it feels. If she messes up one little bit, her body tells her immediately.

    Keep in mind, if had be up to her MD she would’ve been put on and an extreme protocol of autoimmune therapy drugs that would’ve crushed her immune system and made training impossible.

    Now’s she’s stronger than ever. This afternoon I watched her hit PRs of snatch 63.5kgs (140lbs) and rack jerk 88.5kgs (195lbs).

    Keep at Hodge. Good work.

  3. Tracey says:

    Hodge as I have told you before, you truly are an inspiration to me. And even though I’m older I look up to you because hey, who are we kidding, I’m a big kid too! I can see you throwing the microphone down on the ground. You brought it, you out!!! PEACE 🙂

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