Hunter has made huge gains with us. Day in and day out he keeps the youngans in check. I'm happy we were able to get him Snatching again!

“I’m a former CrossFit Affilitate owner and I’ve visited many CrossFits nationwide.  Without a doubt, CrossFit Wilmington exceeds them in all aspects you’d expect from a CrossFit gym.
From the owner, management, coaches, facilities and equipment, CFW is as good as it gets.  The knowledge combined with the ability to teach effectively and apply it in the WODs with world class performance and with weight most Crossfits wouldn’t think of programming make CrossFit Wilmington what it is.
I learn something new each every day at CFW.  I have gained more in strength and overall ability in less than a year at CrossFit Wilmington than I did in previous years as part owner of CrossFit Coastal.
If you want serious training by the best of coaches in a drama free environment, CrossFit Wilmington is the place.  All of us who’ve come here can’t be wrong.”  – Hunter F.

CrossFit WOD

10 Rounds for time…
2 Deadlift (325lbs/225lbs)
2 Muscle Ups
4 Box Jumps (36″/30″)
20 Double Unders


25 thoughts on “TGIF… or maybe not. This is probably going to suck too.

  1. josh says:

    Well said Hunter! We will soon be comming up on almost a year that you joined up with us. It’s been a pleasure to train with and welcome you into our CFW family. Thats goes double for Lori, Mike, Chip, Bob, Elizabeth W. and B., Geoff, Larry, Peiwen… the list goes on and on. Along the way we’ve also picked up great quality instructors in Rachel Kay, Matt and Liz.

  2. No GOOD says:

    Seeing these WOD’s I am glad I am gone hahaha!!!! This WOD is really going to suck at altitude.

    Hunter, very well said my friend. I have enjoyed getting to know you. The intensity you bring everyday is a contagious. I also want to add I like the new OLY shoes kid good choice!!!!!

    And Thomas one of the best comments ive seen in a while!!!!

  3. Abs says:

    Hunter is such a class act and genuine guy…its great to have him at the gym…his generosity when we were headed to The Games this past summer was simply amazing…THANK YOU!
    I too am a FORMER affiliate owner…and its a humbling experiance to go to another gym that PLAIN and SIMPLE is better than the one YOU OWN…lol. I embraced it though, learned all I could and applied it to the successful machine that is CrossFit Olympia!

    As for yesterday…I too did the “Suck Seventy Five” and 41 minutes…and 12 hours later…I feel like I got hit by a bus…ok not that bad but my shoulders are a wreck…these muscle ups should look WONDERFULLY easy today…yep there was the SMART ASS…ah hell. BRING IT!
    Durham in a WEEK….holla!

  4. Meagan says:

    Don’t you love it when you wake up early to look at the day’s WOD and your heart sinks to your toes……..

    Or how about when you come in to teach Yoga the night before and all you can think of is how in the world your gonna push through the WOD when you can barely walk…..

    But yet, you wake up excited about taking on another fun WOD. haha 🙂

    Great job Hunter. We are so happy you are at CFW. Keep up the AWESOME work!

  5. Sensei says:

    So, As you all know me, I am not one for confrontation or continually bringing up the past.

    Life is much to short to linger and quibble over things that do not matter (like drama and personal issues).

    CFW posts usually seem to be a little “in your face” towards Coastal for my taste and I often wonder, “why do we continue to boast the gaining of athletes and the success’ that they’ve had in such short time in CFW programming over months, even years at Coastal?”. I sometimes think that it is a waste of time to expend energy on exploiting the fact that Coastal is really turned into kind of a “feeder program” for CFW.

    “Let it Be” and let the prospective athletes join us from wherever they may (all walks of human) and keep our chin up and our speech professional.

    Then, I sit back, I observe, and I realize:

    1) The Athletes that we gain speak professionally about their past. I have never heard word one of a negative or slanderous nature from any of them. They are people of integrity and professionalism, and I am honored to call them my new friends and WoD partners. One athlete in particular whom I greatly respect and who would feel very comfortable in telling me why he made the switch would only say “there was shenanigans” and that is all he will say.

    2) When CFW has an athlete coming to check out who we are and why so many people are joining us, our coaches hear the word Coastal and pass right over it. They do not attack, disprove, deny or degrade. They only inform on the baddassery that is our box.

    The reason that I’ve decided to say this, is that I finally heard what I was told a long time ago by a good friend; “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. Should I really be so passive that I deny the freaking truth? I do not do this in my Dojo, nor should I do it in life!

    CFW and our staff are professionals. We strive to PROGRESS, we strive to CREATE MACHINES in both ourselves and our athletes, without drama or personal petty issues.

    Hunter, you are incredible and an inspiration. Thank you!

    To all my new friends (and others coming in one after another) I sincerely appreciate your attention and focus on HONESTLY “leaving the ego at the door” and putting your effort towards not sucking at life!!

    I only wish I could put this all into one word like my friend:

    “BOOM!” – Thomas rose

  6. ju says:

    OH and Sensei… WOW that was awesome. I’m glad I read it all the way through. At first I was going to hog tie you and throw you in the truck of a car. Hahaha

  7. Sensei says:

    Just like 99.99% of the other CFW baddasses, I speak from the heart and do my best to call it like I see it. Though, some times I do cover it with a “skirt” because sometimes it just takes too much time to force the righteousness that is my will on others. I have training to do, and no time to listen to back lash when I tell people to Shut the Hell up and stop acting like a crazed spoiled teenager.

    Caleb, excellent association on the pronunciation of “ei”. I will use that! 🙂 if you research the word DoJo it translates to “way place” (a place to learn the way, of fighting, meditation, jenga, whatever). I want to create a martial art called “DoDo”, or, “the way of the way”. How much more simple can it get!

    No Good, Just because my Gei isn’t worn on my sleeve like yours doesn’t mean it’s not just as ready to be wielded on the faces of those that need it.

    Julie, thanks!

  8. Kathleen says:

    Hey guys… trying to buy Oly shoes as a Xmas gift for someone any suggestions on where to go online or any specials/discounts that may be out there? Thanks in advance!

  9. gabe says:

    Awesome post today, wow hunter very well said bud. i hope all is well in wilmington with you guys good luck at the classic later this month.

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