The CrossFit Regional Qualifier begins today.  John Z competes in the individuals and Caleb, Ben, Tanner, Amy, Karen, and Melissa compete in the team competition.  Wish them well.  We’ll keep you posted on their performance.

Read: Poliquin’s top 10 tips for sleep.

Sleep is just as important as nutrition and far more important than exercise to your health.  Follow Coach Poliquin’s tips and your sleep will improve. If we could get half as much as the two pups pictured to the right, we’d all be well rested!  But since 16 hours of sleep each day doesn’t fit most of our schedules, we need to all we can to improve the quality of the sleep we do get.
What you do during the day, affects your sleep.  I started the R-ALA over a month ago.  For daytime clarity and helping to get you off caffiene, I’ve seen nothing work better.  Of course, he recommends magnesium for better sleep…  if you’re not, you should be.  In chelate form!!  If you are not supplement magnesium, you are most likely deficient.  Poliquin has a magnesium with tryptophan in it, UberMag Plus, to help put you to sleep.  Tryptophan is the amino acid found in all those Thanksgiving foods that make you sleepy.  It’s natural and works very well.  It’ll get you off any of the habit forming sleep meds the docs like to Rx.

Josh doing "Murph" in kit and gas mask. Josh worked with Ron overseas. CFW is followed by folks all around world, it's nice when they come to visit! Thanks for coming for such a special occation Josh!

From Josh to Ron:
We had a blast yesterday at CFW. You guys have a phenomenal crew down there. First class all the way. We were welcome by the team, and just all around a great bunch of folks. I made it half way through in the Body Armor and mask. Had to ditch the mask after 50, 100, 150 but still have a sub-40 min time, which I felt okay about considering.
Looking forward to getting down there when you get back. Trying to get my schedule set for the Level 1 cert in Charlotte this fall, we’ll see what happens.
Take care and be safe, talk to you soon

AMRAP in 22 minutes of…
4 Dead Hang Pull Ups
5 High Pulls (135lbs / 95lbs)
Run 400m

15 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. drew says:

    Just so you know, our team competes at 11:50am, and we’re in the same heat as CF Ft. Bragg and CF Coastal….

    John Z competes at 2:40pm.

  2. Scott S says:

    Good luck to our Regional people – I know you guys can get through to the next round. You are carrying the dreams of the whole gym with you. Tony- any posts to the site you can make will be welcome.

  3. Edwin says:

    Hell yea! Sounds like the CFW crew is killing it!!! Keep it up team….and keep those updates coming. You all rock, and are making us proud.

  4. t. says:

    JZ and the team are strong.

    The bs scores folks posted for the sectionals are becoming apparent.

    As always, the judges compliment our troopers’ form.

    CFW looks good.

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