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It is still the time of year when people are joining a gym.  If you or someone you know is considering which CrossFit Affiliate in Wilmington to become a part of, read “How to Choose a CrossFit In Wilmington”.



This video, recorded in August 2010, is very outdated and does not represent the athletes’ current abilities.  It does, however, clearly demonstrate why weight lifting technique is so important to CrossFit.  “Isabel” at its Rx’ed weight of 135lbs can be completed in respectable times by most CF athletes with even the most horrid technique.  But if we increase that weight beyond the weight athletes can muscle snatch, technique becomes extremely more important to an athlete’s performance.  Watch the different athletes as the video progresses.  Cody and Caleb, have no choice but to lift with excellent efficiency.  185lbs is more than either of them weighed in August 2010.  The much larger and stronger Josh may be able to muscle snatch  and press out the 185lbs for 30, yet no one would argue he’d not benefit greatly from receiving the barbell low in the squat or even the split.  Now check out Dawn… she gets faster and faster as she works through the the wod.  She, Daniel, and Tony have the size and strength advantage over Cody and Caleb and their technique is more efficient than Josh’s brute approach to the wod.  Sweaty, new to lifting at the time, scaled the weight but increased the reps creating his own brutal wod.

Tomorrow we go heavy to test your progress in this strength cycle.  Today’s Olympic Lifting work is technique training. Resist the urge to go too heavy!

Hang Snatch  10 Singles at 60-70% of your snatch max.
Video Demo:
Heaving Snatch Balance  10 singles at 50-60% of snatch max
Video Demo:

*Hang typically means, if no other stipulations are set, the lift is initiated from knee to mid- thigh high.  The Hang Snatch develops power in the top of the 2nd pull and most importantly, speed and confidence under the bar.
**If you have not developed or do not know your snatch max, the goal is to work with 60-70% of your body weight.  Of course your proficiency with these exercises will dictate.  It takes at least this much weight on the barbell to effectively train the aggressive pull, turnover, and subsequent press (it is not a drop!) under the bar to receive it overhead.

11 thoughts on “Technique = Performance

  1. Will says:

    Anybody that doesn’t normally should check out the main site. Congratulations to JZ, Cody, and Daniel for making the wod demo for today

  2. t. says:

    The boys look good. You fellas, and everyone else competing this weekend, go have a good time and lay it all out. I hate not being able to go with you. Support each other and look out for each other.

  3. Edwin says:

    JZ, Daniel, and Cody,

    You boys are beast!!! Awesome video! You make us all proud. Good luck this weekend.

  4. Felice says:

    Awesome job JZ, Daniel, and Cody! Your hard work is being recognized as it should! Good luck this weekend and show them what CFW is all about!

  5. Whitney says:

    My egg lady will be at 16th and Dock tomorrow morning selling eggs from 9am-Noon. Her chickens eat a great diet. She has blue or brown eggs $4/ dozen. She is seeing if she can sell enough to afford to come to Wilmington from Bolivia (NC!) while the farmer’s market is in the off season. If you need eggs, please consider buying from her tomorrow morning. Thanks!

  6. Peiwen says:

    Nice work John z, Daniel and Cody! And good luck to everyone competing this weekend!

    @Whitney, Thanks for the info! I’ll have to stop by and stock up. I usually get mine from Tidal Creek. They carry eggs from a local farm for $4/dozen too and the taste is far superior!

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