POSE Running Clinic is SOLD OUT!
Congratulations in advance on those attending.  You are in for a treat.

Kids Class at 9am

Olympic Lifting Intro Course Starts Today at 10 am

Reminder: Our New Saturday Hours are 9am to Noon! 

Rhonda H. performing a Split Squat


In Teams of  2 complete the following for time…

36 Reverse Wallball over the Pull-up Bar (20/14)
400m run
36 PVC Burpee-each
400m run
36 Partner Deadlift (315/225)
400m run
36 Box Jumps (24/20)- each
400m run
36 HSPU (sub: 36 Kick-up on the wall)-each
300m Lunge (Partners alternate every 15 steps)*
lunge the straight away down and back on the other side of the bridge

Olympic Weightlifting
Class at 10am

4 thoughts on “Saturday Team WOD

  1. Rachael Dowdy says:

    chris and i are trying to work out timing with our car needing it’s tires changed tomorrow…how long will the oly class in the morning last? any idea?

  2. t. says:

    Rachael… expect two hours or so.

    Great responses to yesterday’s write. I appreciate the feedback. My topics and tone are not always PC. Actually, they probably never are. I try to present a realistic, yet counter to the common acceptance of mediocre behaviors Americans have developed.

    Our culture and nation did not become the strongest the world
    has ever known through lazy and lame habits. Many of the political leadership in our country believe the successful should help the lazy. Heck, our president quoted a verse from the bible to qualify the liberal concept that the hard working should somehow bear the burden of supporting the poor.

    Leadership sometimes requires a backbone. Sometimes, stating the truth without worrying that you may offend the easily offended is more diligent and productive.

    Until our society as a whole frowns on unaccountable behaviors, in all social strata, we will continue to be swayed to “feel sorry for” the less driven (not less fortunate).

  3. Marilea says:

    It really was a good post! All I know is that I could never go back to my old, unhealthy ways! Yuck! 🙂

  4. Scott says:

    Ha. Tony, it is sad that our society has become so
    Lazy and would rather live a life of dependents
    Rather independence and hard work and
    Prosperity is a bad thing

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