Erin and Jana during a class on the Snatch shrug

Tune into 107.5 on Monday morning at 8:50am as Foz and Jocelyn go head to head in a Crossfit WOD live on the radio. Jocelyn has been training with us here at CFW for the last 7 months and killing it in our classes. Foz has been training with Tracy and Keith at Port City Crossfit in that same time. Listen in and see which early morning DJ takes the title of “Radio Bada$$”


In teams of  2 complete 2 rds of the following for time…

20 Partner Deadlift (275/185)
40 kb Snatches (24/16)
60 chest to bar pull-ups
800m Overhead Wallball Run (20 all) *run together, one person holding WB at a time

Olympic Weightlifting
Class at 9am

6 thoughts on “Team WOD

  1. Scott S says:

    From Ms. Pat —

    Hooray and Haleluia!!!!!

    Just finished my 100th day of burpees!! I feel really proud – 5050 burpees over 100 days – really glad I did it but won’t do it again!!

  2. Edwin says:

    Congrats to Ms. Pat and everyone else that completed the 100 days of burpees!

    A special congrats to Tracy and her husband Keith on the birth of their son Harrison!!!

  3. Julie G. says:

    Late post, but I just wanted to tell everyone that attended the last Olympic Lifting Class how great it was to see the huge improvements all around. It can be a frustrating sport, but with committment to practice and seeking guidance you will continue to improve. Everyone came so far, so I hope you all stick with it and maybe go on to compete in some USAW meets. We have a few going to the State Championships in Winston Salem Sept. 10. There are many people around the gym that will be more than happy to spot your lifts if you just ask. So keep practicing skills 2-3 times a week before wods. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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