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Reminder: You have until 7pm tonight to complete Team WOD #4

Shantel performing a toes to rope in yesterday's core workout


Team Competition WOD #5

For time…
5k run

8 thoughts on “Team Competition WOD #5

  1. Renee says:

    Hey everyone – I just got my refill of steroids if anyone is low! Ha! Really, though, all “Really?” has to do is come in and see for his/her self. Our men and women are strong and real. Our women have curves and, guess what? They sound like women! I haven’t noticed any deepening of voices lately…

    I was looking at the times posted for Team WOD 4. Sensei – you must have looked like a blur doing that WOD!

    There are a lot of beasts at the box. Two have really stood out for me this week. Meagan doing Wednesday’s WOD as Rx’d…amazing. You inspire me to not look at the weight as a road block. Instead, I know that with work and determination, it can be done.

    Sara! – pulling 315! Wow! You are a force to be reckened with! You push yourself everytime I see you. Running with the weighted vest…I’m tired! Pretty soon, you’ll be pulling three times your body weight. Guys, can you keep up?

    It looks like Jacked and Stacked are killing the team WODs. Great job! Everyone on a team, please come in and complete each WOD. You signed up, so it’s your responsibility to your teammates. Thanks

  2. Sensei says:


    This goes for ALL OF OUR ATHLETES!

    If you signed up! Show up!

    Thank you.

  3. Meagan says:

    Nice Work Shantel….Beastin’ it!

    Thanks Renee…girl you are so strong. I love watching the trio of girls at 4 o’clock class (Tiff, Jocelyn, and Renee’)….you guys look like Charlie’s Angels kinda. You each push each other and you are constantly amazing me! You girls are BEASTS and each one of you inspire me as well. Keep up the AWESOME work. And I second the posts about the team wods. We all have very busy lives and schedules, but if you signed up to compete in a team wod, come out and do your best. Get Some!

  4. Abs says:

    Albert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw on FB you were looking for sub 24!!!!! You nailed it! Great job! I rarely get to train you or with you…but following your progress it inspiring! Keep doing work! Team Jacked and Stacked….thats what I’m talkin aboooouuuutttttt!!!!! Killing WODs and taking names! You show do work and you motivate!!! Lets crush this WOD and don’t hate me if I am our SLOWEST time 😉 I will do my VERY best!!!!! I am proud of y’all!!!

  5. Albert Steed says:

    Thanks Abs! I was really happy to be able to hit that mark considering where I started out and the fact we don’t really run 5k’s a whole lot. 🙂

    And Bye Week —- Get in and stop taking our team name so literally. 😉

  6. abs says:

    Omg! I ran a21:30! Aaron Slater my dog Rambo and I killed our 24 minute mark…I am stoked thanks for running with me Aaron! Who prd his 5k by nearly 8 minutes!

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