We will not be meeting at Fox and Hound due to the postponement of the CF Games on ESPN

CFW will host a nutrition seminar Thursday, October 6th at 6:30 pm. We will be closing the gym early on that day.  If you are interested in losing weight or just feeling healthier come and learn the details of the Paleo diet explained in an easy to understand way.  The cost for the seminar is $40 and is well worth the money.

Monday's board completely full

We had a great turnout Monday for the deadlift max with 85 names on the board! It’s great to see that kind of participation and effort from our members.  Of the 85 who completed the max, 29 men lifted over 375 lbs and 20 women lifted over 185 lbs! A few numbers that stand out are Chip Bullock’s huge PR at 430 lbs and Renee Coffey pulling 230 lbs, nearly twice her bodyweight.  Both are at the gym at least 4 days per week, and sometimes twice a day.  They are a testament to what hard work and dedication at the gym will do for you.  You would be hard pressed to find a Crossfit gym with a group of people who put up numbers like all of you have, congratulations to everyone.  Continue to stick with our strength-based programming, and you will all continue to reap the benefits.


Team WOD #4
30 Clean and Jerk (135/95)
Run 800m
30 Snatches (115/75)
Run 800m

*Score is total time
*You must change your weights yourself
*For every 10 lbs you scale the weight add 1 min to total time

42 thoughts on “Team Competition WOD #4

  1. Felice says:

    Team Bye Week, sry I havent done the wods yet, I promise I’ll get them done! and who is going to go to the Battle of the Borders Competition? I’m sure the spots are going to fill up fast. Also, awesome job on all of the deadlift PR’s! you guys are killing it!

  2. Abs says:

    Felice!!! I am going! signing up this week! Ya they will go fast so we need to get in and the sign up has been up for like 10 days now agggghhhhhh!!!!

    Monday was so AWESOME to coach! Today is going to be too! Looks like a good one!!!!

  3. Chrissy says:

    Looks like the CrossFit Games aren’t going to air tonight on ESPN2 until after baseball. CrossFit says it won’t start until approximately 11:00pm ET. Boo… that’s too late for us for a work night!

    The WOD looks like a blast though! Looking forward to getting after it this evening.

  4. Cullen says:

    Gene, I’m not sure how much of a push you got from me considering our time difference! You need to stop running so damn fast, it’s unhealthy and makes me feel slow…

  5. Whitney says:

    I was really frustrated after today’s work out because it made me realize how badly I have let myself slide. My lifts are crap and my stamina is nil. I really need a work out partner. Anyone out there who can work out at lunch time on any week day except Thursday please let me know. I need someone who is not intimidated by growling and glaring. I also prefer someone who eats paleo so we can give each other diet support as well. Call or email 910-763-8530 (work #) whitneyr25@hotmail.com

  6. Really? says:

    Are those weights real? How do you get girls to lift that weight? What’s the difference in your gym and ours? People say you guys are making it all up and if you’re not, your members are using steroids.
    I will say it would be nice to do events with you. So we could see for ourselves how the two gyms stack up. But you don’t even recognize CF Coastal at all. And you never invite us to things like you do the other Crossfits.
    Atleast congratulate our people when we do competitions and events. We had a team at regional and at the Garage Games too. It would help so we can have joint fun.

  7. Albert Steed says:

    @Really? – I can tell you from personal experience that no juice is needed in this place. I have been in the box for 10 months and have lost 76 pounds and increased most of my lifts from the first few months through solid technique and the training by 50+ pounds. I was a really inactive person for quite a few years and I am now probably the strongest, fastest, and most complete in ROM in my life (this comes after being a High School athlete working out for 4 years straight).

    As for the girls – The majority of the ones I have met are nothing short of amazing. They put in the same blood, sweat and tears as any guy in the gym and really give us a run for our money so they don’t track us down and beat us (which still happens). I don’t think it matters when you have the right programming and the right people pushing you on what your age, sex, or physical fitness level is.

    As for your members coming in – Can’t speak to that but, this is the most encouraging, friendly and respectful place I have ever seen. I have never seen them turn anyone away from any of the Free Beach WODs or Fundraising events and no matter what “Affiliate” a person has belonged to or not in those events they get the same respect and encouragement as any member.

    I think you should go in and have a chat with Tony, Josh, Tanner, etc. and find out for yourself what kind of great individuals make the CFW team the strong and sucessful place that it is.

  8. Walt says:

    @Really? –
    Yes, those numbers are real.
    I don’t know anyone who can “get girls to lift that weight”, I know our gym is full of strong women who can pick up their own weight and then some.
    As far as the difference in the gyms, I can’t speak to that as I have never been to yours, but you should come check ours out or call any of your ex-members that are currently training here.
    No need to make up any numbers or use steroids, we check our egos at the door and do work.

  9. Will says:

    As someone who “saw the light” and has EXTENSIVE experience behind the scenes at both gyms, I can tell you that NOTHING you’ve heard about Crossfit Wilmington while at Coastal is true. In my previous employment I was constantly bombarded with negativity towards CFW, all of which I now see for what it really was, fear and immaturity. After my switch, despite what I expected, I have heard none of this in the other direction, not a word.

    The differences are too numerous to list here, but ultimately boil down to the environment, the atmosphere, and most of all the leadership. The disconnect between CFW and Coastal has nothing to do with conflicts between any of the members or a “gym rivalry”, it is strictly the result of one immature individual. I’ve never seen anybody welcomed to Crossfit Wilmington with anything less than open arms, regardless of their background and what gym they come from.

    As countless other dedicated athletes who have made the switch (and none who have gone the opposite way) will attest, the environment at CFW is something that cannot be duplicated or described. This is the important thing to realize…new members aren’t the ones who switch. It’s those who actually know what they’re doing, and know what they should be getting, who realize what’s truly lacking at their former gyms. If you don’t believe me, come try it and find out for yourself

    -Will Clark

  10. Meagan says:

    Nicely said Albert and Will….

    As a female at CFW, I will say that I have always been encouraged. Most CFW workouts are RX’d at my bodyweight or within ten pounds. I have never given up, I have never taken steroids, but I have worked hard. I have had the best coaches teach me form and technique. With that form and technique I have learned to not only to lift the weight posted today, but to lift it with proper form. Today I will not only be able to RX this WOD….I am gonna crush it. For me it is all about beating my last PR….for one upping myself. I think, just like Albert and Will said, our gym is full of encouragement….full of people finding the strength in me that I don’t see….for that…..I am thankful.

  11. Sensei says:

    Ugh, I don’t have time for more of this BS.

    Post with your real name. – You look weaker than you probably are when you won’t back your own words up.

    CrossFit Coastals leaders should change their sign to say: “CrossFit Wilmington Feeder Program”.

    Will Clark, and ALL of the other awesome people that have “seen the light” have nothing to say bad about anything at Coastal, all they’ll say is “there was shinanigans” and that’s it! This is a quality trait that we respect and EXPECT at our gym.

    “Invite Coastal to events”? We do! We’ve got nothing against the people of Coastal, but I would venture to say that we are getting past trying to extend a hand due to the repetetive shinanagins of Coastals leadership.

    SO, here’s an INVITATION! Let’s organize a Coastal vs. Wilmington WOD competetion! You interested?

    And lastly, “either liers, or roiding”? ha ha ha, sincerely laughable. Thanks for that!

    Yours Truly AARON LAWRENCE <—-See my name there? yeah, I was born with it. and I'm proud of the words I speak.

  12. Gene says:

    Well said all

    I really like the fact people question our ability to do what We do.

    I am by far NOT the strongest in the gym but without CFW I would not be were I am today. Stronger, lighter and just a little slower than when i was in my early 20’s, NO juice required.

    The motivation CFW produces everyday is amazing, the guys are strong and the girls are stronger, the trainers are patient, kind and knowledgeable, pushing you to just where you need to be and letting you safely push your limits.

    We get the numbers b/c we train, as Will said with great leadership, We get the numbers b/c we motivate each other, We get the numbers b/c we know we can be better and “We check our egos at the door.”

    I like most, recommend CFW to everyone.

  13. Emily H. says:


    ok and…
    i agree with all the statements above(i’m speaking to “really?”) I came over to CFW from Coastal in June for one reason: I wanted to get stronger.
    CFW has the tools and the programming to do just that. In the first 8 weeks I was here, my backsquat went up 15 pounds..and that was just with focusing on my technique. I could go on and on about why/how CFW has made me a better crossfitter, but I won’t.
    I think you need to stop listening to what other people are saying and figure out the differences by yourself. I did just that when I came over to Wilmington, and not one day goes by that i regret leaving Coastal.

    So maybe you should come by CFW for one of our events and workout with us, no one will make you feel unwelcome. (and hey, no one knows who you are anyway “really?” so it won’t be awkward either!) i’m not saying leave Coastal–but it might answer some of your questions.


  14. Nick says:

    Right on. I think that posting without a name shows what confidence your gym gives you. Our Women and Men give it there all everyday and the hard works shows as they continue to get new PR’s. Being in and out of several gyms and studying Exercise Science at UNCW I will say that I have learned more from Tony than I have ever from anyone else. If you want more come do more…and stop writing petty trash talk on a comment blog.

    Felice-I registered for battle of the boarders; Coastal your welcome to join.

  15. taylor says:

    Yay! Here’s the old comments board I know and remember!
    I have been getting back in the gym a lot more lately and it feels great. Being back, I feel the missed spice in my workouts. I think a little friendly sh*t talking (like the good ol days) between gyms on this board gives everyone a similar feeling– that missed spice! I wish I could say that *Really?*, was really me, stirring up the pot to get everyone going…but it wasn’t. (But that would have been cool if it was!) I think Aaron has a great idea, lets get the gyms together. Because honestly, when my sister mentioned this little ‘conversation’ was going on about a COASTAL member who was in disbelief, I have to admit-I was flattered. Im proud of my gym. It only makes sense that other people are in awe. Totally flattering. CFW is so very awesome and impressive.

  16. Tanner says:

    I’m on steroids, 180 lbs of pure juice!! haha I love it when one of these posts comes along. If all you are getting out of roids is a 200 lb deadlift you got a bad batch my friend.I don’t usually get involved in these things, but if you insist on hiding behind a computer and inciting this, here goes. . .

    Echoing Aaron, use your real name you coward, if you are gonna attack an entire group of people have the balls to tell us who you are. Our members come in, do our strength program and they get results, there’s a reason why Coastal continues to lose members and instructors, hell even their former owner came here. We invite Coastal members to all of our fundraising events, I personally invited a member that I work with to FGB and his first response was “are you trying to recruit me.” That’s the mindset that passed along to the rest of your membership. We do not have anything against the members of CrossFit Coastal. We have invited your gym many many times to our fundraising events, yet the ownership of Coastal is too insecure to pass on the invite to their members for fear that they will like our gym too much and leave.

    As far as congratulating your members, do we need to dedicate a post on OUR SITE to congratulate YOUR MEMBERS?! We have posted congrats after regionals and other events to your site, and as I recall, you took down the comment section on the website after that. But here’s a congrats for you, CONGRATS TO EZEKIEL FOR NOT FINISHING LAST IN CHARLESTON THIS WEEKEND! 🙂 I know that 315 deadlift is a tough weight.


    Tanner Martin

  17. Drew says:

    A lot has already been said, but there is a saying I take to heart about life: “If you are the smartest or strongest person in the room, you are in the wrong room”.

    CFW is full of alpha individuals, either from their prior athletic endeavors, or as a result of the work ethic we are taught at the gym. We feed off of each other, get pissed off when our friends beat us, and congratulate them with their successes along the way. There is no way to accurately describe it without me saying “just come experience it”.

    To even suggest that people in our gym are using steroids is an honor. I have been a member at this gym for almost 3 years, and we just continue to grow. Our staff sets us apart.

    I hope you guys come out and encourage your members to join events with us, we don’t bite, I promise. Oh, and our chicks are just badass, no real way to explain it otherwise. Not many gyms do you see a girl snatch 10# off her bodyweight for 30 reps after already having done an entirely different workout that was done at a CF regional 2 years ago… and don’t try to trivialize the girl who DL’d 315, she has been in there busting her ass every day to gain that acheivement. At our gym, we earn our scores.

    Boom. We pick heavy stuff up and put it down, it’s the only way any of us got stronger. Hope to see you in the gym soon, ‘Really?’

  18. Felice says:

    First, I would like to say thank you to Aaron for coaching me on my deadlift tonight! Second, awesome job to everyone who came in and hit it hard on the team wod, that was a tough one. Third, there has been much said already on this thread of posts but CFW doesnt need to explain itself to anybody. Just come and watch one class and all of your questions will be answered. No secrets (or steroids) here, just hard work.

    Nick, Tanner, and Abs… I’m signed up for Battle of the Borders also, let’s do this!!!! Also, for those of you who have never competed in a crossfit competition before, don’t let the “competition” intimidate you. They are a lot of fun. If you are unsure of yourself to compete in the Rx division, sign up for the Scaled. That’s what I did for my first competition and it was a huge confidence booster. Get yourself out there and have fun! We’ll be right there cheering you on!

  19. CW says:

    Read Really’s post and immediately thought of Meagan…wish Really could see how much hear t she has and how hard she works. Steroids? REALLY?

  20. jd lee says:

    I joined CFW in Feb at 6’4″ 175 only ever doing ‘beach-body’ workouts. After learning the proper technique of doing so many lifts, such as deadlifts (since they were mentioned here).. I went from doing my first ever at around 200-205 to PR’ing at 305 after only a few months while putting on 15 pounds. My wife just pulled 1.5 her body weight.. 120 pounds lifting 180. Doubt whatever you want, but don’t doubt the command at CFW. See yall Monday!

  21. Miah says:

    A wise man said to never argue with fool’s,
    Because people from a distance cant tell who is who….

    There is no Juice, Cream’s or Pill’s here Homie. Just Fish Oil, Vitamin B and and healthy diet of protein, leafy vegetables and the occasional Cake or Pie. Mix that with the high level of instruction, motivation and respect you get at CFW and you have a lethal combo. As for the Ladies of Crossfit Wilmington, I have seen My roommate and my best little dude Sara Jordan pull 315 off the ground. No steroids required Brosuff just 132 pounds of pure adulterated bad assery. Do you know what you get when you leave your ego in the car and walk threw those big garage doors? People of all ages, shapes and sizes uniting into one for a common goal…… A healthier lifestyle. Kinda like Voltron or the Power Rangers…. BTW Third Degree Burn is so HOT right now,

  22. abby says:

    This is amazing! You know what’s crazy is I was disappointed with my 285 deadlift …maybe I should take roids. Sara! Pulled 315…that’s my motivation. Our members work hard that’s it! Will and Emily are tremendous assests to us…our gain. Yet again. I am so down for a local comp…invite all 4. I bet 3 will show up. We have fundraisers raising 17k+ with over 300 people on attendence and you have the audacity to question our morals and ethics? These people work hard at home at work at gym and at life….that’s why CFW has the numbers we do…not to mention we have a staff and ownership that knows what the hell he/they are doing…we don’t train here or own this place for status or to say “we’re CrossFit” we are here because we want to be fit. Set good examples and be harder to kill. Zeke that 315 deadlift got you huh? Did you ask our john z or melissa and Felice who took 6th and 1st….for some pointers or tell them good job?

  23. Chris S. says:


    1. The biggest difference is the culture of continuous improvement (driven by the exemplary coaching staff) and the expectation for everyone to work hard. That includes women. Metcons are fun, but sometimes you’ve gotta pick up HEAVY weight and move it around if you want to get stronger. This is the only gym I’ve ever seen that will set the Rx weight for a deadlift in a metcon at 315 for 15 reps. Its also one of the only gyms I’ve seen where people will add 50 lbs to the Rx weight because 135 lb Power Cleans / Push Press combo are too easy.

    2. IMHO natural hormonal enhancement through optimized diet / work / rest will provide a much more substantial return on investment than steroids. Physical cutlurists of the early 1900’s (before steroids) were able to build incredible physiques and inhuman strength without any of the fancy techniques and equipment we have all while casually lifting 2-3x a week. I think when people (tv hosts, congressmen, yourself) make ridiculous claims about steroids they do so out of naivety. I’m confident that we have members of our gym that literally live a monk’s life of consistency and devotion to their performance and health. Blindly implying their results are due to exogenous hormones is offensive and only shows that you don’t know what you don’t know.

  24. sara! says:

    Wow. Sorry I’m late to the party. I was out celebrating the fact that I bought a house today. Tequila + Early Times = woooo!

    @Really: Hi. My name is Sara Jordan. I am a fireman. I weigh 126 pounds. After I eat. And I stand 5’4″. I pulled a 315 deadlift. I could have hit 320, but Josh told me to wait till the next time. So I’m going to. Because I listen to my instructors. They are here to support me and provide me with motivation and information that I may not have readily available.

    You’re going to find out in this conversation, should you choose to continue, that I’m kind of a dick. So, we’ll go ahead and get that out of the way.

    If you’re interested, no, I don’t do steroids. I never have. In fact, I barely supplement. Sometimes I forget my fish oil. Sometimes I cycle off my NO for a few weeks…or months. I always have my bourbon, though. Oh, and the support of my family at CFW that loves me. Sometimes I eat doughnuts (the horror!) or some chili cheese fries (my weakness). Oh. And beer. Because it’s tasty.

    I also work out. About 5 times a week. I take Thursdays and Sundays off; some days are active recovery. Some days, I just sit on my ass, like Grok would do if he wasn’t out chasing food.

    I follow our programming. Or I go work out with Tracey and Keith. Or with Brock and Whitney. Because PCCF and CFCB are amazing in their own right, and I love the family that I have built there as well.

    I did FGB in my turnouts; second year in a row. Murph with a 20lb weight vest in under 61 minutes.

    My CF families are full of amazing and inspiring people. Not just in the gym, but in their personal lives. I am very fortunate to have them.

    I’m sorry that you think we’re unreal; shit…maybe that’s a compliment. So, thanks.

    More to the point, I’m sorry that you don’t understand our philosophy.


    If you want more, I’d be glad to show you how to achieve your goals. Because it sure sounds like you’ve got a long way to go.

    So, if you want a workout, where a little girl is going to kick your ass, I’d be more than happy to hand it to you.

    Thanks. Have a great day! 😀

  25. t. says:

    I bet you guys didn’t know when Tanner was hitting the Dbol heavily, Caleb also gained mass. That’s how badass CFW people are! Ha.

    Seriously… we’re doing the right things for the right reasons. That is a CFW truth.

    Coastal is and always has been invited to our functions.

    I don’t congratulate mediocrity. I applaud anyone for entering a CrossFit competition these days. The competition is tip top. But you’ll not hear me complement an affiliate owner for finishing last at regional level competition. I call a clown a clown. But there is no need to bad mouth ol’ Ezekiel… he’s insignificant.

    I’ve been an instructor at and attended the most professional courses, both civilian and military, and I applied the structure and style of those courses to CFW. This model, an almost direct copy of how we run courses in the SOF side of the military, fosters the positive environment, and therefore the learning, progress, and success the members of CFW enjoy.

    CFW is happy to keep doing what we’re doing.

  26. Em says:

    HOLY CRAP!! Man, I missed out on some entertaining conversation. SO!! Let me start with…congrats on so many fabulous numbers on those lifts!! AWESOME!! NOW, Let me say to @really….REALLY????? I have been at CFW for three years…I have seen amazing athletes. It is because of the love, support, encouragement and occasional episodes of comical “tourette syndrome” moments that I love this gym so much. I am not an elite athlete, I only aspire to be. It is with the support and direction I receive from our instructors that I get closer to meeting my personal goals. As for Coastal, PLEASE. I know I have invited a trainer from there to an event, but no show. I know many invitations have been given for various events. I also know for a FACT that at events when CFW and CFC are competing, encouragement is given to all members of both teams. In Florida, 2010 for Regionals, CFW was working with CFC’s team to help them improve form on lifts, rows, and various movements, even how to strategize the upcoming events. And where was CFC “leader”, gone, mad that his team was talking to CFW. I am not a fan of Ezekial, he lies WAY too often. I find it humorous that so many people from his gym have left and joined not only our gym, but other local CF gyms. Did we recruit, negative. People see results and want the same thing. So, don’t hide behind some silly identifier like “really”. Be adult, introduce yourself. And as others have as well, here is yet another invitation, come play in our box for a bit, decide for yourself, don’t let the imagination of certain people as to what we are doing or not doing make decisions for you. Are you game?

  27. Peiwen says:

    I’m so late to the party!

    One of my favorite early memories of CFW is the time we had to do front squat. Dawn loaded the weight for me and I hesitated because I wasn’t sure if I can do it. Dawn sensed my hesitation and said :”I don’t think you should go any higher”. Ha, I was worried about it being too heavy, not too light!

    Monday after FGB marked my one year at CFW! Coming from Coastal, I was blown away by the professionalism, positive attitude and awesomeness that is CFW . I’m by no means an elite athlete, but at CFW I was constantly pushed to be better than I was yesterday.

    Chris S- well said.

  28. Jason B. says:

    I’ve spent about 3-4 months at both gyms with a year in between when I was loaded up with grad school classes. The gains I have made at CFW out pace the ones I made at CFC by a long shot. No, they haven’t been slipping me steroids.

    1) Direct instruction DURING a workout. CFW has an instructor in my ear for the entire time I’m in the gym. THIS IS HUGE. My thanks go out to all the instructors!
    2) The workouts are just plain brutal (for me at least). I wonder if I can even finish them, let alone get a good time. You work on the edge of failure, you make gains. You make gains, the workouts become RX, you’re on the edge of failure again, you make more gains. Repeat. Hard work.
    3) The amazing people’s weights and times to look up to as goals. Results beget results. Y’all are badasses.
    4) I wasn’t injured in the first couple of weeks. Call it luck, but reference #1 above.

    Aside from this post, I think I’ll make the rest of my statements by writing my times and weights on that markerboard in the gym.

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