Ten Benefits of Coffee for Health, Performance & Body Composition
By Poliquin™ Editorial Staff

Get numerous benefits from coffee! Research shows that in many cases, more is better when it comes to coffee improving health. The evidence is so robust that the medical community is even changing its tune from “coffee is more trouble than it is worth” to “it is not as bad as we were told!”  This article will give you ten reasons to drink coffee and consider some of the concerns and misconceptions that surround this wonderful beverage.
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Amanda and Marci…  two of the strongest women in CrossFit.  The day after the  CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regional competition, these two ladies began preparing for the 2013 CrossFit Games.  Each has spent countless hours adhering to strength and conditioning programs designed to strengthen their weaknesses and further develop their attributes.  It shows, not only in the muscle they’ve both packed on, but on the loads they put on the barbells and times they post to the board.  Training with these two phenoms is a pleasure…  watching them at the Games will be exciting!



OverHead Squat – 3 rep Max
Front Squat – 3 rep Max

Post both loads and total.  Total will be scored for team comp.

For completion…  (this is not part of team comp)
5 rounds of…
10 GHD SitUps
10 Alternating Knee to Elbow



15 thoughts on “Team Competition #10

  1. Albert Steed says:

    To bad on the wall balls it was a fun wod. We were thinking inside on a mat if that changes chances of doing?

    Either way. We now challenge Bac (team 3) to a head to head battle. We propose 125 tire flips with 1 tire per team. Can put as many people on the tire as you want but only one 300 pound tire per team. First one done wins.

    If they concede up front can we challenge team 6!

  2. t. says:

    Sounds like Inside traders doesn’t value its younger members opinions… not consulting them and all. ha.

    Amanda and Marci… damn. Yep, that sums that up.

  3. Shawn K says:

    @Albert – again, as I mentioned earlier this morning, how “lucky” of you to challenge team 3 knowing both Mike and I are unavailable to compete. I’m sure it was complete happenstance.

    shady… conniving… happenstance. 🙂

    • Nate says:

      Shawn, I think you’re on to something with Albert. When Albert ask about your up coming weekend he intends to use that info against your team. Same thing happened to Meagan

  4. Amanda W says:

    Thanks, Meagan & t. Going to regionals this year definitely put my training objectives in perspective….humble pie tastes bittersweet. Thanks, t for the guidance through the past couple of months….although you can expect a backcharge for all of the new pants I have to buy. ha. In all seriousness, when you have people like Dawn, Felice, Melissa, Marcie, Meagan, Jana….dang this list could go on….training beside you, you just try and keep up. I’m beyond grateful for these strong women.

  5. Albert Steed says:

    It is always those that are willing to blaze the trail that get burned. Don’t hate because we are making strategic moves to climb the board. We have to do something to account for our current position and sitting in on our laurels sure won’t help us succeed.

    I tried to just go for the jugular but, I was shot down. 😉

  6. Sara Clark says:

    I feel like that makes my comment even more appropriate. If they would just come down to our level, we would move up!

    It isn’t like we have enjoyed perfect attendance on our team… for any workout. I think we’ve been missing at least two every time. This may end up being very very fair to Shawn and Mike’s team. realistically speaking. What time on Saturday can both teams show up? the earlier the better. I have to drive to Raleigh immediately after.

  7. Whitney Ross Gray says:

    Amanda, lawdy. You look so good! Check out this info about the 12/08 ladies Christmas party. Drift Mobile Boutique will be at the CFW Ladies Christmas party on December 8th at 4:30. I shopped there this past weekend at a party and am in love. Finally something cute!! I bought a bunch of gifts there too. Smashing accessories. https://www.facebook.com/DriftMobileBoutique

  8. Debb says:

    Ok what time team 3? Who all can be there? Don’t make me do this by myself! Kenny? Taylor? It seems as Mike and Shawn cannot be there, is that right?

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