I have been informed by the CrossFit Games staff the CrossFit Wilmington team has been disqualified from competition in the 2012 CrossFit Games.  I tested positive for banned substances in the urinalysis administered at the CF Games Regional Competition.

The substances are prescription medicines prescribed to me by my Doctors for rehab and repair of injuries.  However, I did not familiarize myself with or follow the proper procedures for submitting documentation and making the CrossFit staff aware of my medications.  Medications clearly listed as banned substances in the CrossFit Games rulebook.  If I had, the outcome may have been different.  It is a case of could have, would have should have at this point.  That is, past tense and not relevant now.

The bottom line…  CrossFit Wilmington will not compete in the 2012 CrossFit Games and I will not be allowed to compete in the 2013 Games.  CrossFit Wilmington members and team will be able to compete in 2013, only with additional advanced drug testing.

I have been in direct contact with the CrossFit staff on the topic.  They have been very professional in explaining the conditions and sanctions.  I applaud and support CrossFit and their efforts to insure a drug free and performance enhancing substance free sport.  Instead of giving it lip service and only testing for recreational drugs (like bodybuilding and other sports), CrossFit is testing for real performance enhancing substances.  As a sport completely founded on human performance, CrossFit’s drug testing policies will undoubtedly push training programs, diet and supplementation protocols to the next level.

The Girls Day Benefit for this weekend will continue as planned.  The proceeds will be donated to a charity of our ladies’ choice.

The CFW team fundraiser scheduled for 30 June is cancelled.

Thank you all very much for supporting the team’s efforts.  Tanner, Dawn, Amanda, Melissa, and Cody have worked very hard and have been purely dedicated to their training in the past year.  They’ve vowed to simply begin training for the 2013 Games now.  They look forward to the “additional advanced testing” and kicking ass next year.



74 thoughts on “Team CFW Disqualified for Competition at 2012 CrossFit Games

  1. Josh says:

    My heart goes out to Tony and the CF Games Team. For the last year they have put in unknown hours, hard work and dedication towards the goal of going to the Crossfit Games in California.
    I have known Tony for over four years and have witnessed first hand his dedication to Crossfit Wilmington, our clients and the Crossfit community in general. If you have ever met Tony then you are fully aware that he is a man of great integrity and personal responsibility. He would never do anything to discredit the reputation Crossfit Wilmington has built in the Crossfit community and beyond..
    This is a very unfortunate incident any way you spin it and there will be those naysayers who will show disrespect and rudeness towards this situation. I ask that we all show the same professionalism and integrity that Tony and the Team has shown during this time.
    Let’s get ready to kill it in 2013!

  2. Joe w says:

    Let’s also show some respect to the CFW team and not pester them for info and question. Something like this hurts your soul so let’s all show some respect and give Dawn, Melissa, Amanda, Cody, Tanner and T some space. Love you guys and I truly have respect for each of you

  3. Tanner says:

    Our team worked our asses off for the past 6 months to be one of the top teams in the Mid Atlantic Region. Honestly, it hurts to have it taken away on a technicality. However, I understand that rules must be followed without exception. Tony and the rest of our team have not and will not ever cheat to get ahead. I’ll just take the extra few months to prepare for next year. As difficult as it is now, we will use it to win in 2013

  4. Brock Wilson says:

    My profound condolences to the CFW athletes and especially to Tony, who I’m sure, feels worst of all. If anyone has earned the benefit of the doubt, it’s Tony, for sure. Sins of omission are much different than sins of commission. Looking forward to your continued success in 2013.

  5. Peiwen says:

    Amanda, Cody, Dawn, Melissa, Tanner and Tony-
    We’ve all seen how much time and effort you guys put in to train for the Games these past few months and we are very sorry that this happened. We are really upset for you guys, and can’t even begin to imagine the emotional roller coaster you’re going through. Having said that, we are very impressed with how you all are handling the situation, with dignity and professionalism . We look forward to seeing you guys kick ass in 2013 and (here comes the mushy part) we love you guys too!
    -Peiwen & Larry

  6. Gloria says:

    Tony, your honesty is refreshing. Yet another reason I am impressed by you and your business ethics. This was a team effort and you all worked hard. There’s no doubt that you are all worthy of the title you earned and will defend next year.
    The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out. Proverbs 10:9

  7. Em says:

    Team…my heart goes out to you all. It’s a frustrating time, knowing how much time you have all invested in preparing for this. T, your honesty, as always, is a wonderful trait from you. Prescribed medications are the last ones many of us think about when we are subject to testing. To you all, take a much deserved break, then focus on the next step..be that 2013 or Durham challenge, what ever. You are all amazing athletes!

  8. Meagan says:

    I am so sorry that this has happened. I second with Joe in respecting our athletes and not bombarding them with a thousand questions. We can not focus on the present, but look to the future. 2013 Baby!

    Speaking of the future, ladies Sunday Funday is still on, however, the dynamics have changed a little. We will meet from 12-3. We will still have Yoga, Kickboxing, Crossfit WODs, Sauna, Lululemon raffle, and Massages. There is no set price at the door. Just make a donation and come in and enjoy working out with ladies only! We will have the name of our fundraiser before Sunday. Keep looking at the website to see where all of the donations will be sent. I am still looking forward to having fun with the girls. Hope to see you all there.

  9. Tracey - PCCF says:

    “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Issac Newton

    To me, you are all amazing. The one element that profoundly impressed me while watching you practice with another crossfit games competition team was your teamwork. The communication, dedication and sheer absolute drive you demonstrated was astounding! Many people can say that have been a part of a team, but not many can say that they truly worked as one! This is a speed bump in the road you have paved for yourself. I don’ t even need to tell you because I already know you wouldn’t let it keep you from victory in the future. I’m so proud of you guys! It has and will always make me proud to call you guys friends! Heads high and go back to kicking ass because that’s what you do!!!!

  10. Sensei says:

    “The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.”
    ― Carlos Castaneda

    CFW is full of warriors. OUR TEAM is nothing but warriors, well, except Cody….I dunno what that guy’s up too.. HA!

    I am proud to call CFW my family and just as others have said here, I am honored to have such honesty and integrity shown RELENTLESSLY! Let’s focus on the challenges at hand and get on this together.

  11. Jamie says:

    Its too bad they don’t put as much interest in outright intentional cheating that happened right on the battlefield in the Asia Regional I guess guess one form of cheating is less important than another

  12. Ashley Denton says:

    Damn, I hate this for you guys. You’re my favorite group of folks. I wish I lived in Wilmington. I’d be proud to join the CFW crew. Head’s up, guys. Keep working hard! You such an inspiring group of athletes.

  13. t. says:

    Joseph – Please know you are free to stop by and make the same comment to me personally. I’m many things, but a p*ssy? Not so much. Frankly, I don’t feel obligated to discuss my medical history related to injuries I sustained with you or anyone else. I may address it in detail at a later time. But for now, I’ll let you all speculate and accuse me of whatever you would like to.

    Forging Elite Steroid Use – I don’t know what your comment even means.

  14. Jordan says:

    Joseph and “Forging Elite Steroid Use”, seriously? Go do burpees in traffic.

    Such disrespect to outstanding individuals.

  15. Shawna says:

    Put this Sh*! behind you now and don’t even give the doubters the time of day…because it’s those of us that care that matter and it’s what you make of this situation that is going to be the defining factor in the outcome. 2013… bigger, better and stronger! So proud of you all!

  16. Craig says:

    Very unfortunate. This is an impressive post – first class, Tony. We expect to see your Team in 2013! Focus on the journey. You’ll get to your destination.

    Best of luck,
    Craig Howard
    Diablo CrossFit

  17. Todd says:

    Tony and the entire CFW Team, There is no doubt in my mind that you ever tried to gain any kind of advantage illegally. I stand behind my belief in you and your team as one of the top teams in CrossFit and respect your attitude in this terrible situation. I hope to continue to learn from you and thank you for setting the example that you and your athletes set. I look forward to the opportunities to train with you and see your team in 2013.

    Todd Saunders
    CrossFit Carteret

  18. Beckie says:

    I CrossFit at West End CrossFit in Richmond, VA. One of our trainers posted Tony’s article stating, “I am a HUGE fan of CFW and here is one reason why.” After reading the article myself I am in total agreement. Wow – an athlete taking responsibility for his actions with no finger pointing or whining! Whoever’s heard of that?! My heart goes out to Tony and the team but I have to say that this is an affirmation of why I love this sport and the people who practice what they preach.

  19. OK says:

    Hm, Tony, could you please list the stuff out exactly, the names and doses?

    You and your elite athletes probably could have set some world records

  20. Sensei says:

    I love it. I love the fact that the people to talk trash don’t post their real name or where they’re from. i.e. just like Tony said, Please feel free to come to the gym and air your opinion. OR even post WHO you are, WHERE You’re from and come up with an honest and straight forward issue with what has happened.

    Other wise, you just keep looking like a tool.

  21. No GOOD says:

    I had hoped we would not have another episode of “no name” posters. But that isn’t going to happen. It actually makes my blood boil that the no namers feel the are owed something. Fact is you are owed nothing and that you have been given more of an explanation than is needed. Your lack of moral courage is pathetic you are probably a 99%er, that’s all of you who don’t post your name. Glass houses are easy taken down. Tony’s integrity in the post is humbling and I doubt it would be done in the same manner if you were in said position. So I ask you please come forward, identify yourself(s) and let CFW throw rocks in to your glass house and see if you have the fortitude to withstand weak judgmental comments from more honest and established people than yourselves. I stand beside my friend and brother Tony I stand beside my friends who have given everything on their quest for the games. I will stand over you as you are trampled for your disrespect.

    Ron No GOOD Holmes
    MSgt USMC Ret

  22. All Good says:

    How can you be angry at people not using their “real” names when your names are No Good and Sensei. That might mean something if you go to this gym, but doesn’t if you don’t. As this post is circulating on Facebook through Drywall and a bunch of other crossfit sites you’ve got to expect some criticism. Especially as this gym has been particularly quick to challenge the integrity of other affiliates.

  23. Jay Forrester says:


    Your professionalism and loyalty to CrossFit in the face of what must be unspeakable disappointment is a huge credit to yourself, your team, and your affiliate.

    You have the respect of everyone that matters. Those that post anonymous negativity only do so out of envy of you and your many accomplishments.

    Best of luck in 2013!

    Jay Forrester
    Brickhouse CrossFit

  24. No GOOD says:

    At all good. Look at the bottom of my post I signed it as I do when it comes to post like this

    Incase you missed it
    Ron no good Holmes
    MSgt USMC Ret

  25. Craig Massey (Metric) says:

    Very classy response Tony.

    Or in the words of Forging Elite Steroid Us
    This ^
    (Assuming Chris Cooper’s post is still immediately preceding mine)

    Very sorry this happened to you.

  26. Mike Soderlund says:

    The disqualification is unfortunate. Bearing the responsiblity with honesty and integrety is undeniably refreshing.

  27. t. says:

    All Good,
    I am unaware of CFW’s or my questioning of other affiliates’ integrity. I have posted directly about my disgust with one affiliate owner, never an affiliate as a whole and it certainly not a systemic thing. I call things like I see them and expect no less from my peers. I appreciate the nice things posted, but I also appreciate the negative. I’m not above question and have no problems addressing any negative hype this brings me or CrossFit Wilmington.

  28. Sensei says:

    Yes, nick name I’ve had since the gym opened. I’m pretty well known there, I should be. I call it my home.

    My “real name” is Aaron Lawrence.

    You can look me up on the instructors list and also find a link to my school on this page http://www.shoshinnc.org

    Again, If you have something real to say, something that is a legitimate argument or disagreement then we are glad to hear it and discuss it. Also, I LOVE Elite Sarcasm, But I can’t seem to find anything on it about our situation. “it’s all over facebook too”? Really? ok, guess the people upset about it and giving a bad rap are those all in one little circle.

  29. Andrew says:

    T, brother, I’ve always felt you were one person who’s integrity was beyond reproach. This sure as hell doesn’t change anything. You’re never going to convince some people that this was a mistake and not an intentional act. It’s just the way it is. As long as people are allowed to post comments from the anonymity of a computer screen, you’ll always have those that will post inflammatory stuff but would dare not speak it in person (reference the thousands of dumb mf’ers on WRAL that are my biggest fans). The team will come back stronger next year and you’ll continue to build on one of the strongest CF affiliates in the nation.

    I posted this quote awhile back: “There’s only 2 ways to change someones mind about you, setting them on fire or slapping the shit out of them.” -Marcus Luttrell

    Let me know what you need.

  30. Kent and Lisa Stamey says:


    First we want to say how sorry we are for you and your team, we know that the disappointment is huge. Secondly, we love you and the whole CrossFit Wilmington crew and to know you is to know what character and integrity is really about. You all hold your heads up high, you all are amazing and we all know it. Anything you need, you got my number! Love ya Bro!

    Kent and Lisa Stamey
    CrossFit Hickory

  31. Greg Dudak says:

    That sucks man. I have always heard good things about your people at CFW. Give em hell next year.

  32. Marion Jonez says:

    CrossFit box-jumped the shark long ago.

    So, what were you actually taking dumbo??

  33. Dan Mayer says:

    Marion, eff off, Im sure it was just paleo nutrition and high work capacity that did it. Same thing with CrossFit New England last year undoubtadely.

  34. Soulful says:

    WOW…….sucks for the people trusting your strict nutrition plan and spending all that time and money in your gym to be lead by a leader that can’t even read the rulebooks………..I have a feeling that there is more to this story then told. …….I know I know it’s their choice. I don’t attend this gym and never will…..I love Crossfit but the attitude I have seen on this site, all the articles about fatties, and with some of it’s members disgusts me.

  35. No GOOD says:

    At soulful …. Seems like you have drank a lot of the kool aid. This has nothing to do with the nutrition programs we have at CFW. Your comment about the leader reading the rulebook brings me back to the glass house theory. You obviously live in one. One not identifing yourself and two you are so full of hate and envy it’s sad. Move on we are. Stop asking questions that have no out come on your life. Move on we arlready have. Have a great day.

    Ron No GOOD Holmes
    MSgt USMC Ret

  36. Hodge says:

    In what world does someone actually EXPECT and DEMAND to receive somone’s – who they don’t even know- personal medical history? He could have offered NO explanation at all. But addressed to the people who DO know him, and to the people whom he DOES care immensely for- HIS MEMBERS, ATHLETES, TRAINERS ALIKE- he humbly admitted his error in ways. He helped me tame an auto-immune disease that doctors had me written off for- with his “STRICT NUTRITION PROGRAM”- and for that, I will forever be grateful for, respect, and support T. Everyone makes mistakes and I am NOBODY to place judgement on someone for that. And who are YOU again?????

  37. Hunter says:

    I was diagnosed years ago with the same condition that Tony suffers. My doctor Rxd a protocol of medicine. Long story short, I chose not to accept it for future health concerns. However, I can’t condemn anyone for taking it because it can absolutely make a big difference in your day to day quality of life. Some days I kick my self for not taking them but I regress. The point is, that whenever someone gets dinged for a drug test we are all out to jump on the “attack bandwagon”. However, I know first hand, that an innocent protocol of medicine from your doctor can unfortunately lead to a bad deal. A good example would be an ADD patient taking meds while trying to pass a drug test for the DOT. Is he a cheater? Savy? Tony and the CFW athletes are spectacular humans in and out of the gym. Cheating is not in their vocabulary. Their work ethic and dedication to excellence is unparralled. To all the nay sayers- find another blog to sign on anonymously and spread your negativity. To Tony , Tanner, Cody, Dawn, Melissa and Amanda- you guys are awesome and your tireless dedication inspires us all. Keep doing work!!!

  38. Hilary says:

    Tony, don’t know you personally, but can imagine how awful you must be feeling and just want to send you a hug from one Crossfitter to another. This, too, shall pass. Pain subsides while wisdom remains and grows. New victories will be won. Onward! …with head high and proud.

  39. Kent and Lisa Stamey says:

    I think all these pussies sitting in their glass houses throwing stones should have to have some kind of proof that their balls have actually dropped before they post big boy stuff. Funny that these no nut fucks are bad mouthing a man who has done more for their freedom of speech than they ever could. a man who gone to battle numerous times watched fallen brothers die on the combat field and you want to talk shit about him. Little tiny dick no nut momma boy mother fuckers..Your day will come. Youll brag about it to the wrong person about how you got on here and told Tony off. that person will tell someone and it will get back around..i swear to God himself better hope its not me!!! Tony knows if i thought one little bit that he purposely tried to cheat id be the 1st in line to bust his balls..only difference is id say it to his face not in a comment section on website like you fucking spineless cowards. Tony love you bro..

  40. Ken Roberts says:

    All this love is nice but the bottom line is you were irresponsible and that cost a bunch of people. As a cancer survivor, someone on medication every day, its my responsibility to make sure what I am taking doesn’t affect others. By posting this murky explanation of not admitting to what drugs you were on its almost a given that you knew there was an excellent chance what you were taking would cause issues. I know its the crossfit way to be all supportive of others but honestly if you want to be a real man give the honest explanation. Either admit you knew what you were on was a potential problem or admit that crossfit is being ridiculous for banning you for being on something that shouldn’t be banned.

  41. Sensei says:

    Mr. Roberts,

    Why should Tony post anything about his personal medical issues and what type of Rx he is taking? He made a mistake and owned up to it. Now you want him to take a bitch move and complain that “CF is being ridiculous”? Why? They lived up to their rules and that’s that. Is this what you would do? So…..when you roll through a stop sign and cause an accident you’re going to blame the city for YOU not seeing the stop sign? That doesn’t make any sense.

    Why do you bring up that you’re a cancer survivor? It’s not relative to this situation at all, and neither is Tonys personal medical history or issues.


  42. Candace says:

    It’s disheartening to read and to actually feel the disgust directed on our forum from CFW members and non-CFW members alike. As a member of CFW, I was not excited to hear of our team’s disqualification. I was disappointed, of course. After all, competitions bring an elevated level of excitement and a refreshing spirit of camaraderie and support to the box. However, empathy is mostly how I feel when I think about the situation. Let’s face it, in the grand scheme of things, whether or not our affiliate competes for the title has no real affect on my daily life in any capacity, aside from the fact that our participants sacrificed and dedicated time away from family and friends to become the best potential athlete for The Games, and our affiliate members and their families offered emotional and financial support to get them there. This is something we- CFW members and those of other associations- all can relate to in some way, shape, or form.

    I will never understand the individual who rejoices in another’s mishap or misfortune, because whether we choose to like each other, love each other, or hate each other we are not so different from one another. Anyone reading this probably competed in or knows someone who competed in Crossfit Games The Open, and you will remember that athletes across the globe competed with those of us in little ol’ Wilmington and beyond to represent in The Regionals . At a time when there are much bigger battles to wage in the world- and Wilmington, no less- than which affiliate/owner/athlete/ is better, faster, stronger, smarter, why use a common thread that joins people together and creates a sense of community the world as a source of division on this forum?

    I look to this forum as a learning resource and to read daily encouragements of others, not as a battle ground. It’s just silly. It would be nice if we all could step outside ourselves- and the box- get a grip on what really matters and dedicate the same time, energy , and thought behind all the self-righteous, condescending, and discouraging comments to create positive change. Here’s to hoping…

  43. Anonymous says:

    Candace, you said it perfect!! Positive thought for us as humans (whom aren’t perfect and make mistakes, but it takes a real person to admit it). I would hate to have someone following me around pointing out all the mistakes I made in life! I think I would move to a hole in the ground to escape! It’s also unfortunate that there are so many judgmental people out there to support the white wig market, when really and truly not one of these negative Nancies even has stepped foot in CFW! I may be going out on a limb here, far be it for me to say, but as an ex member of a other gym in the Wilmington area and now a humble and proud owner and trainer of my own gym in the Wilmington area, I can say without hesitation Tony was instrumental in helping me and Keith start our business with our hearts and love for what we do as the backbone. Port City CrossFit may be mine but CFW is also my home! Some of my best friends are there, my family! The love of my life I found through sharing with their community with ours, he may be “no good” but he is my heart! It truly hurts to hear how many people can step up here and say such horrendous things about my extended family without even having met one of them! I have be consoling my friends from this devastating loss and yet there are still so many that keep reopening the wound. Mind your own business! This is what is wrong with society today. Truly makes me disgusted!

  44. Tracey says:

    ^ was written by me, Tracey Barnett co-owner and Trainer at port city CrossFit. I didn’t mean to make that anonymous and I’m also not afraid to put my neck on the line because I have GUTS and HEART and a 335 lb deadlift so I’m not a coward !

  45. Parker says:

    I think it is great that you are taking responsibility for your actions too and I can’t imagine how much it sucks to deliver this news to your teammates. I think the main reason people are upset on this forum is because while you are taking responsibility, you never really said for what. You say you took prescription meds for an injury (not cancer or ADD), but are being very vague about it. If you want people to stop complaining, then just come out with what you took. The members of CFNE who were DQ’d from the games two years ago came out and said that they were using a product called Jack3d, that contained a banned stimulant. I’m not saying you should or should not answer to these people, but it would shut them up and maybe even help others who are in this same situation in years to come.

  46. No GOOD says:

    At Parker. Everyone will eventually shut up dry up or go away. Tony did not have to make any statement at all. To the team In private and that’s It. Again this is a problem that effects the members of CFW. Anything beyond that is no ones business. Really what and why does everyone feel they are owed an explanation ….. You got one that was more than enough. Again back to the 99%er
    Mentality, it is crippling our country when all these people do is bitch about what is not given to them. Most everyone has cast stones and has already predetermined what in their minds has happened. So even if it was announced what outcome will it have on your life…. I’ll help you NONE.
    At Tracey great post !!!!

  47. Belbiv Devoe says:

    From reading comments here it looks like several people are politely asking for the exact list rather than rudely demanding.

    Maybe they want to avoid similar mistakes? Either way, if there is nothing to hide, then the list should be forthcoming, if not, one can draw their own conclusions.

  48. friend says:

    I’m posting anonymously b/c I do not want Tony to get upset with me. But if he won’t take up for himself, I’m going to. He isn’t going to let all you morons know what’s really going on. He doesn’t talk about his injuries and only down plays them, he makes likght of them. Only people very close to him know even a portion of what he’s done and what he has hurt. He is the “quiet professional” you only heard about in a movie. Instead asking for pity or applying for disability, he makes light of getting blown up and broken. I read the Drywall blog and people think his injuries are little bumps and bruises you fags in Crossfit think are bad. obviously no one has posted, b/c they don’t know. he broke his back and had a severe head/neck trauma while serving our country. He is completely deaf in his right ear and lost function of his left arm/hand. Yes, he had to do “rehab and recovery” to regain control of his left side and also learn to be a right handed person. It completely ridiculous when you crossfitting tough guys reference war or being a warrior or having a “warrior mindset” because you do a hard workout. You super awesome tough guys are blasting a guy who spent more time in the war than you’ve spent killing Fran and flipping. While you’ve been wearing your stupid knee socks to avoid a skin burn, he was wearing body armor. The guy has a box full of medals and awards given to him (like numerous bronze stars / bronze stars with valor device and others for action in combat) that, like his wounds and injuries, no one has ever heard him mention. He gives free memberships to wounded vets and helps them with their injuries. He’s ran fundraisers for the Wounded Warrior, Green Beret, and Special Operations Warrior foundations. Aside from that he gives people tons of free info about diet and training and never asks for anthing in return. As far as Crossfit goes, Crossfit wilmington has been an affiliate for 4 yrs and has over 400 members. He one of the most educated coaches in the business and his average clients are better than 99% of the lame “boxes” out there. The biggest thing you can take away from this is that Tony is THE most calculated person you will ever meet. He does nothing without thinking it through. If he isn’t engaging all the accusers, it is b/c he doesn’t consider you a threat or even a hiccup in his world. Oh, and know this. Even with brain damage that guy is WAY smarter than you.

  49. Tom Green says:

    I don’t personally know Tony, but I will come to his defense. What he did must be crushing him inside — to bring down your whole team because of something you alone did, to embarass your box publicly across the web, to have all of your accomplishments in Crossfit and Weightlifting called in to question. I am impressed that he came on here and made a public statement that he got caught “cheating” even if he doesn’t say what he specifically did.

  50. Andrew says:

    To Tom Green…embarrass the box? Fuck that. If you think anyone from this gym is embarrassed to be associated with CFW or with Tony, you’ve lost your damn mind.

  51. Baker is the Greatest Ever says:

    I dont think Tony cheated or did anything on purpose or took anything to try and gain an edge. I dont know Tony that I know of (weird sentence right there).

    I think people are merely curious and want more details and would like to know what he took. You cant expect to make a post like this and not expect it to create some type of drama, that is only human nature for people to want to know the entire story.

    2 things, The first dont listen to that Kent Stamey guy, he is really creepy. you need to keep your eyes on him, he tried to hold my hand and touch me in a weird way at last year’s mid atlantic regional. The second thing, was one of the substances bath salts? i heard if you take bath salts pre wod you will go completely nuts.

  52. Charlie Johnson says:

    Tony– I feel terrible for you , your team and your CF family, whatever it is that dinged you on the test is really NOBODY’S business ! The fact that you took time out to apologize and man up is amazing! I live in Reno, NV but if i ever find myself in your neck of the woods i would love to come in and shake your hand sir!

  53. Debb says:

    In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act. – George Orwell

    It seems as though alot of so called crossfitters are not content with the truth, that more is needed to justify there own existence. Instead of harping on our misfortune, educate yourselves. I just did, and found out this broken down Momma would not have passed a drug test either (not that I was looking to compete). I have consumed enhancements for years according to the HQ procedures/policy for drug testing. I just wonder how many failed who were drug tested according to the procedures. According to the rules anyone can be picked out to be tested, not everyone is tested.
    Well off to my Yang and Fish Oil…Oh wait this may be my enhancement to do one more burpee.
    Yes I am being sarcastic, for I question the procedures and how they are done.

    Debbie Davis (This is my real name)
    CFW member 4 years (OK 3 years 11 months and 2 weeks)
    Mother of two Crossfit Kids (They read this blog so please watch your filthy talk)

  54. Tom Green says:


    Calm down, I was defending the guy. I have been involved in a situation like this myself — not the steriod part, but a situation where something I did cost other, totally inoccent, people to suffer.

    I can tell you that the disappointment you feel from letting yourself down pales in comparison to the pain/shame you feel from the harm you caused to these other people. And he wasn’t just a team member, he was the coach.

    So again, I commend the guy for stepping up and posting this publicly.

  55. Gloria says:

    I’m fairly certain the list of banned substances is easily accessible for public access.

    A list of Tony’s medications, dietary supplements, and any other pertinent medical information is NOT a matter of public disclosure and is protected under strict HIPPA laws. So if you want more information than what he has graciously posted here, then you should scroll to the bottom of the page and dial the 10 digit number that appears right under the address for this highly respected establishment. He or one of his elite athletes, who also have undisclosed medical histories, will answer the phone and be glad to address your concerns. Until you choose to stop hiding behind your computer, have a nice day.

    Gloria Bannister
    Garage kept and occasional drop-in, strength-seeker, and competitor at CFW

  56. GW says:

    Nice job of circling he wagons CFW. However, at the end of the day, your owner/ coach competed at a regional event and tested positive for banned substances. Why is it hard to understand that we have doubts that the primary use of these banned substances was to treat old war injuries? The back cloud will continue to hang over CFW until T provides FULL disclosure…

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