We have a few extra Hoodies up for sale!!
See Josh or Tanner to pick yours up. First come first serve. Cost $40

Holiday Hours
Crossfit Wilmington will be closed Saturday, Dec 24th and Monday, Dec 26th.

New Years Eve Throwdown at CrossFit Fort Bragg
CF Fort Bragg is hosting a throwdown competition and gathering on New Years Eve. Contact Michelle at CrossFit Fort Bragg for more details if you are interested in attending.

4pm Crew showing off after getting wet during the WOD. Yesterday was Dwight's (middle) last day with us before leaving for DC. Take care, We will miss you Dwight!


Tabata these…
20 seconds work/ 10 seconds rest x 8 rounds each

Row for Calories
Plank Push-up
Squat Hold
Hollow Rocks

4 thoughts on “Tabata

  1. Abs says:

    That is crazy!!! and old…I mean Melissa and T look the same (thank you CFW) but a ball to squat to…and 55lbs…ya talk about progression! Now DC get back to work and stop lookin at CHICKS!!!LMAO…but I too looked at em all and they are CRAZY hot badasses!

  2. DC says:

    Hey what do the new hoodies look like? Yeah i remember that day.. Melissa was like WTF!!! and Sorry abs i would rather look at the ladies then the guys.. They are hotter.. and Badass… just funny to see how others veiw our box.. I’ve seen alot of CFW woman’s pics.. Keep it up ladies..

  3. t. says:

    Funny thing… something scared Melissa off from CFW for a couple years. She went and road bicycles and did some triathons. Maybe it was the balls.

    CFW was such a “scary” place back then. Ha.

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