Our owner, Tony Cowden, founded Competitive EDGE Performance to provide our community with education and supplements we can trust for quality and use. 

Join us Wednesday, September 3th from 630-8pm for a NO COST clinic on supplementing for health and performance. 

Anyone and everyone welcome.

Stephanie S. performing clean and jerks during yesterday’s WOD. We’re all glad to have her join our family here!

There will be no 9am kid’s care tomorrow.

Rest 5-10 minutes between all events

50 pullups for time

3 min max distance yolk carry (+100/+0)

3 min max distance prowler push (+90/+50)

3 min AMRAP:
log clean and jerk, 100/50
The log is new to most of us, so use a weight you are comfortable with

Wilmington Weightlifting Club
EMOM for 8 minutes…
Snatch – 70% x 1
Clean & Jerk – 70%