Our CrossFit group programming is an optimal way to improve your overall fitness. We combine elements of strength, gymnastics, aerobic training, and mobility to generate a broad and inclusive fitness.

But, we are limited to only an hour per day in classes. Sometimes you may want to do more.

Since 2008 CFW’s motto has been “If you want more,  you have to do more.” So we want to offer you more to fulfill that goal.

Many of you are already doing a bit of extra work after your classes, we applaud you for that! But what if you practice handstand pushups after class and they come up in the next days workout? Or you do 30 pull ups and “Cindy” is programmed the next day? That’s a lot of pull ups.

We are excited to offer CFW supplemental programming. This won’t take the place of your daily CrossFit workout, simply add to it in a very targeted manner. It’ll help you progress in skills, strength, and aerobic capacity, in 15 minutes or less of work.

We’ll run the supplemental work on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and post it in Train Heroic each week.

Cost is only $20 per month and will start next week!

Email tanner@crossfitwilmington.com or fill out the form below to get started.

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