Hilltop Angus Farms
On Sunday January 22nd, Dale and Sharon Thompson from Hilltop Angus Farms will be making their first delivery of 2012. The pick-up site is located at 514 Market Street and pick-up is from 8am till 9am. For more information about their products and service go to www.hilltopangusgrassfed.com 

First Nutrition Class of 2012

“I am probably one of the only gym owners that will tell you that what you feed yourself is far more important for your health than any workout.”  -Tony Cowden / Owner CFW

Next Thursday, January 12th, we will hold our first Nutrition Class of 2012. The class presents the foundations of Primal, Paleo, Zone, and Intermittent Fasting diets and how to incorporate the best of each to fit your lifestyle and not only meet, but exceed your fitness goals. Class time 6:00pm
Cost: $40.00




Back Squat  75% x10 reps /85% x5 reps x2 sets /95%  x 2reps x 2 sets
– Rest 3 minutes between sets
DB Sumo Deadlift  8 reps x 5 sets

4 rounds for time of…
10 Slam Ball Alternating Push Ups
5 Squatting Box Jump
*When coming off the box, perform a squat to below parallel.  Explode from the bottom into the next box jump.

In subplementum
3 rounds for time…
40 meter sled push (+45lbs/+25lbs)
Sprint 400 meter
40 meter sled push (+45lbs/+25lbs)
Rest 3 minutes

*The supplemental work is for advanced members and/or those of you wanting a “two-a-day”.  Your instructor will provide guidance if you should  complete this portion of the workout.  It is a lot of volume to complete, do not get your feelings hurt if your instructor dissuades you from performing this workout.

5 thoughts on “Hilltop Angus Farms

  1. Tanner says:

    Good stuff am classes! Feels good to be back in town working with you all. Those were some tough sets put up. It’s great to see so many faces in there at 530

  2. Sara Clark says:

    J-E-L-L-O <– perfect description of my legs walking up the stairs at work this morning. Good to be back though.

  3. Sandie says:

    So when do we start the volunteer list for who brings coffee on Mon, Wed, Fri mornings? Haha!

    Fun workout this morning…

  4. Steve says:

    WWAY is doing its annual “Best ____ of Wilmington” contest. This week’s is Best Gym. I asked t. about it and he said a gym isn’t the best at anything just because its members are asked to vote and that it measures nothing and he enjoys doing better in Crossfit contests,races, and lifting competitions than last year’s winner. Well I say we have the best gym in Wilmington and we should do everything to let everyone in Wilmington know it. We all know that the crossfit down the street doesn’t compare in any way. So let’s show wilmington how much we appreciate CFW. It’s easy to vote. Just go to:


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