Lose Weight For Summer: Top Five Training Tips For Optimal Body Composition

 by Poliquin Editorial Staff

Lose fat fast with a training program that will help you maintain body composition results for the long run. You will lose the most fat by training with a protocol that focuses on building muscle, burning fat and calories, and achieving the greatest hormone response from exercise. This article will give you my top five tips for incorporating those three strategies into a training program for fat loss.

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Prevent Muscle Cramps!
Practical solutions to this common problem.

by Charles Poliquin

Electrolyte Imbalance = Muscle Cramps

Could a muscle cramp cost you a million dollars? If you ask sprinter Michael Johnson, the answer is yes.

At the Olympics, the title of “World’s Fastest Man” traditionally goes to whoever wins the gold medal in the men’s 100 meters, whether or not he breaks a world record at the competition. In 1996 the winner of that event was Canada’s Donovan Bailey, who not only won but erased all doubts by breaking the world record in the finals with 9.84. Well, not all doubts.

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