Jeremy putting in extra work on his deadlift after class on Monday. Jeremy comes in early and stays late for extra work after almost every class. This hard work has shown solid improvements in his metcon times as well as a 15 pound increase in his deadlift in less than two weeks! Congrats Jeremy and keep working hard.

Don’t forget about Relay for Life!


5 rounds for time:
20 weighted lunges ( 95 / 65 ) – weight is to be held in front rack position
20 pull ups
20 kb swings ( 24 / 16 )

19 thoughts on “Monday 4 Apr 2011

  1. Edwin says:

    Just a fyi reminder that Megan offers two Yoga classes a week (Thurs. and Sun.). If you’re sore by most Wed. like me it can really help. Thanks for giving your time Megan.

  2. Caleb says:

    t won the national championship for his weight class yesterday, with a total of 214 kgs. Hell yea!

  3. Noelle says:

    t!! AWESOME!! Good to see you back on top and healthy. Thanks for the push this am morning crew. This one totally blows.

  4. Cullen says:

    T – I’m not sure if there was ever a doubt! You’re absolutely a fire-breathing beast – great job bro!

    On a side note, I forgot that I committed to go to the Tuesday practice round of the Masters a few months back and just had two passes dropped on my desk to attend. I don’t know if anyone is interested in taking these off of my hands ($36 per ticket) but if you are, let me know. You’re welcome for the advanced notice as well.

  5. Scott S says:

    Jeremy – looking very focused and strong! Keep believing anything is possible and it will be soon!

  6. Jeremy B says:

    T and Scott. man I love it great work ! This is just another reason I am proud to call CFW my home.
    Jeremy – keep up the good work man!

    Aaron- is CFWBJJ still on for 8pm tonight?

  7. Scott S says:

    Christina –

    I am interested in the bison. I buy mine at HT (ground) and love it, so I will want it ground. Will you be at the gym Saturday?


  8. t. says:

    Thanks for the congrats guys. Scott is writing up a review of the weekend that we will post tomorrow.

    The meet was a blast. Admittedly, I was lucky to be able to lift much lighter weights than I anticipated and still win. My opener snatch was easy. It was heavier than the other fellas’ third lifts. That was a good thing b/c I totally blew my 2nd and 3rd snatch attempts. Funny, but it worked out.

    My shoulder injury was the greatest concern in the clean and jerk. I can still clean 135-40kg (300-310lbs), but my shoulder disallows a pr jerk. I was prepared to hit 130kg (almost 290) if I had to. But again, things were in my favor and I only had to hit 119kg (262lbs), an easy lift, for the win. My shoulder was VERY happy.

    Scott rocked it. He nailed his lifts with more speed and aggression than I’ve seen from him yet. I’m not going to elaborate any further. I don’t want to steal his thunder. His take on things will be up on the site tomorrow.

    A big thanks to Chris Bullard (CF Oly Cert Coach) for coaching tips and congrats to him. Chris secured 1st place in the 40-45 year old / 85kg class.

    Thanks to Steve Lewis, Emory University’s weightlifting coach, for meet and advice/coaching and a hell of a exciting competition.

    Good fun.

    Oh… and the Bull City Open in Durham on May 21st is open for registration. For more info go to:

    We’re starting an Olympic Lifting Course one week from today. This one will be 6 weeks long, ending the weekend of the Bull City Open (21 May). It will be a an evening class that meets at 6pm on Monday and Fridays for class. Stand by for more info in the website’s header.

    The sign up is on the board in the lobby.

  9. Sensei says:

    BJJ is ON for tonight @8 and Thursday @8 as well!

    Mike Radley will be running it on Mondays so please respect and listen to his guidance.

    As for payment for the class, please pay when you come on Thursday nights or leave it in one of the envelopes at the front desk for the CFWBJJ club. You can make checks out to Aaron Lawrence.

    This “club” is going to grow into something spectacular! I KNOW IT!


  10. t. says:

    Ladies… BJJ is one of the best choices for your own self defense. You too are welcome on the mat and with the instruction and leadership in the Club from Aaron (Sensei) you will quickly. It’s a very practical and applicable skill set to have on the street.

    Give it a try.

  11. Christina K says:

    Scott-I am not sure if I will be in on Saturday yet. If you want to email me how many pounds of ground bison you want and either leave a check/cash at the front or I can get it from you on Sunday. Thanks! 🙂

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