The third pull should be executed aggressively. It is not simply "dropping" under the bar. Julie G. demonstrates.

CrossFit Wilmington is where excellent technique is taught.  It’s where serious CrossFitters learn how do the movements…  better.  Technique first.  Because hard work, determination, and brute strength will only get you so far.

“I didn’t realize how much better I could get.  It was hard work with no form before.  I learned more at CFW in the first three weeks than I had in all my previous training”. -Chip Bullock

Numerous members of CFW attended Alastar TDS-C Basic Pistol Course yesterday.  We had great time and everyone experienced improvement.  All levels of shooters were present.  Some had never fired a pistol, others experienced Military and Police.

Chris J. and IP
Whitney R.

One thought on “Sunday 28 Nov

  1. Julie G. says:

    I had such a great week home training. It is always such a pleasure to train with the energy and intensity that CFW brings. I will be taking some rest days and taking it easy on my bum shoulder this week ahead in Maryland. We are goiing to kick some bootay as Tracy T would say in Durham. Cant wait! See you guys next Saturday.

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