Hey CFW,
        I hope you’re having a great weekend and enjoying your Sunday.
Summer is slowing down, but we’re not…  we’ve a lot going on at CFW in the coming weeks.
        We’ve Coach Wilkes returning on Sunday, Setp 8th for another Olympic Weightlifting Seminar.  If you’ve not attended one of Coach’s classes, you really should.  Ask anyone who has how much they benefitted from spending the day with Chris and his sons.  We want you to attend so badly, we’re giving away two spots to the seminar.  The details on how to get one of those is detailed below.
        On Saturday, September 25th CFW is hosting the area’s CrossFit Affiliates for the Fight Gone Bad 5 fundraiser.  Each year CrossFit Affiliates around the world run the infamous workout, Fight Gone Bad, in a community effort to raise money for three great charities.  This year CrossFit Engage, Tower CrossFit, and CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach will join us at CFW for the fun.  Click here or on the slider above for details and registration.
        The same weekend, Sept 25th and 26th, CFW is hosting the CrossFit Endurance Certification.  Those of you into the endurance sports would really appreciate the info and material presented at the Endurance Cert.  They cover POSE running, trigger point release techniques, and endurance programming.  Any one of those makes the cert more than worth it.
        In conjunction with our sister CrossFit Affiliates in Wilmington, we’re planning a fall competition not unlike the Carolina CrossFit Challenge held by CrossFit Durham last year.  The only difference is there will a workout at each affiliate…  CrossFit Wilmington, CrossFit Engage, and Tower CF.  We’re still considering how we’ll have participants will get to each workout (run and/or bike maybe! Or how about a ruck march?).  This might be the coolest CrossFit competition yet!  Stand by for more details.
        On a comletely separate note, I bought one of those Ninja blenders you see on the infomercial.  It’s badass.  Thanks to the Sorg for the info.  It makes smoothies better than any blender.  I made macadamia butter and almond butter in it.  Great peice of kit! 
         Tomorrow a few of us are doing a heavy “Grace” (30 C&J for time with 225#).  It’s Zach’s request… he wants an opportunity to redeem his “slower than mine and Daniel’s and Josh’s” heavy Isabel.  It’s gonna be painful.  We’re going to hit at 430pm or so.  It should be interesting to watch.
         Have a great week, train hard, recover, rest, and feed well.  We’ll see you at the gym,

Wilkes WeightLifting Seminar Contest
Coach Wilkes is returning to CFW on Sunday, September 5th and we’re giving away two spots ($140 ea.) to attend the seminar.  All you have to do is write us a paragraph and tell us why you want to attend.  It doesn’t get any easier than that and contrary to a physical, CrossFit WOD type of competition, it gives anyone at any fitness level a fair shot at winning.  We’re extending the opportunity to any member that joined CFW since in 2010. 
The essays are due by closing on Wednesday!