“The Five”

There are five simple supplements everyone needs.  They are HCL, EPA/DHA (fish oil), V-D3, Zinc, and Magnesium.  Unless supplementing aggressively, everyone you know is deficient in each of these and everyone you know will get healthier (not necessarily completely healthy) if they supplemented with each. I base all my nutrition and supplementation recommendations around health first.  I get improved performance from my athletes by improving their health first. (cont.)

Unilateral movements are essential to any well planned program and imperative to developing balance.  The split squat, if done correctly corrects imbalance between the tensor fasciae latae (TFL) and aductor longus (groin) and increases the lateral stability in the knee and leg.  Many believe allowing the knee to pass forward of the ankle or toe, on this or any type of squat, can lead to injury of the knees.  That completely false.  Injury to the knees while squatting come from allowing one’s weight to transfer from the heel, where it should be, to the ball of the foot or the toe.   Not training the knee, or any joint, through its full range of motion creates weaknesses that can lead to injuries.  

1 rep of each EMOM for 6 minutes
Hang Snatch (90% of BW)
1 rep of each EMOM for 6 minutes
Hang Clean (110% of BW)
1 rep of each EMOM for 6 minutes
Clean Pull (150% of BW)

*Have the weights for each lift figured and pre-positioned to keep the pace at EMOM.

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