Thanks to the CrossFit HQ Staff for allowing us to host another CrossFit Level 1 Certification this past weekend.  Congratulations to Mike, Felice, Amy A., Rosie, Julie G., Larry, and Greg on getting their L1 Certs!  CrossFit Wilmington just added 7 new Certified Instructors to its ranks.

Do work... CFW gets results

5 rounds for time…
5 Deadlift (315lbs / 225lbs)
5 Handstand Push Up
20 Double Unders

Snatch 80% x 1 x 3
Clean & Jerk 80%(of Clean) x 1 x 3
OHS 110% (of Snatch) x 3 x 3
3 rounds of CF MetCon

11 thoughts on “7 New CrossFit Certified Instructors!

  1. Jana says:

    Way to go team! Congrats on your Level One certs! That is amazing and full of dedication! Kudos to all of you :))

  2. whitney says:

    Congratulations to everyone who is now certified. It’s really an acheivement. You’re fitness elite! I have made progress on the discussion group, it is February 22nd at 128 South Events, here is an emailable link with info until I get a web site going: This discussion group is free, I want to talk about the power of nutrition to heal autoimmunity. If you want to help someone in your life who is dealing with MS, lupus, chrons, arthritis, excema, the list of conditions is endless, you should come to the first discussion. I’m still very open to help or feedback. I am, if you’re wondering, motivated by the fact that I have reversed my own MS symptoms using diet and exercise.

  3. Liz says:

    Mike C and Maria – I have to work bright and early tomorrow so I wont be able to open up at 5:45am. Have a great class and see ya’ll on friday!

    Congrats to all on your level 1 certs!

  4. Meagan says:

    Congrats to everyone that received their Level 1 Cert.

    YOGA announcement:
    I will add a 9 AM class on Sundays. YOGA EVERY THURSDAY @ 8PM AND SUNDAY @ 9 AM.
    Pricing is as follows:
    Unlimited Class Members-Free
    Drop in: $10 a class
    $100.00 for 20 classes

    Thank you for the huge response.

  5. Shawn K says:

    “early” …. “late”…. “potato”… “potahto”…. who can really tell the difference???

  6. Shawn K says:

    lol… yeah, I apparently had a too much “heaving” with not enough “balance” on last Thursday’s workout… ouch.

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