chad pull up

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to work with about 30 of the most successful CrossFit Affiliate owners in the business. We had an important discussion on motivation, what motivates us to succeed? Is it a burning desire to reach our goals or something different?


Here’s what we came up with. Success drives motivation. 


If that sounds a bit counter to what you thought, you’re not alone. Most of us think that motivation drives success. If you are motivated to hit your goal then you will ultimately get there. But what if you never hit that goal? What if you never experience success along the way? We’re set up for a let down, a failure.


How many people do you know that want to lose 20 lbs or be able to run a 5k? They want all of these things but they never take action. Sometimes the goal seems unreachable, if we haven’t experienced a success in that endeavor.


Most of us aren’t self starters, we don’t jump head first into something we aren’t good at, or that will make us feel uncomfortable. Our psychology doesn’t quite work like that, as much as I wish it did


We need to be shown our successes to continue to be motivated to grow. That’s where we start everyone that walks in our door. We call it “bright spots” – you’ve probably heard of it if you’ve been around CFW at all in the past few months. Let’s see what you’re doing well, what your successes are right now, we’ll show you that you are doing some things right, and keep moving towards that big goal.


Success breeds success. Showing us that we CAN do something and we DID do something will keep us moving towards our end goal.


For many of us our first success is completing our first workout, then two in a week, then three. Those are all bright spots, breadcrumbs on the path to our goals that keep us moving forward.


Think of your last success, that deadlift PR, or stringing together double unders, or finally hitting a handstand push-up. I bet it motivated you to do more!


Success drives motivation. Take 5 minutes today and focus on a few things that you are doing well right now. You’re most certainly doing something. Use that to motivate you to do more.


Find your success and you’ll find your motivation.