Melissa, Kelly, Jen S. and Desi aka "The Pink Box Jumpers" on their way to taking the top women's team at the Metro Dash this past weekend. Great job ladies and to all the other competitor's!

As an early notice, we will only be having an AM beach WOD on Wednesday.  If you want to join in the fun meet us at the Oceanic Pier at 6:15am.


Metro Dash Recap
Great weekend at the Charlotte Metro Dash.  CFW represented very well with seven teams and many individual competitors.  CrossFit Wilmington had the first and second place men’s teams!  Nick, Gene, Matt and St. Louis just beat Zach, Daniel, TJ and Jason (from CF Vitality) by TWO SECONDS.  TJ placed first in Elite Men:s, Desi took first in Elite Women’s, and Melissa placed third in Elite Women’s.  All three competed in team events of the same course.  Dave B. took first in Men’s Master’s.  Overall it was a great weekend and we look forward to future events like these.  As always, CFW athletes represented well, maintaining positive attitudes and giving support to all competitors.

Strength Period

In the next 8 weeks our focus shifts back to strength conditioning.  The first few weeks are preparatory in nature.  They will ready you for the heavier work to come.  Technique, not weight, is your focus.  It is not your goal!  It is your focus, your purpose.

We are going to beat the form and technique issue to death.  Full ROM is required.  You fellas (and ladies) that would rather half (or I should say half-assed) squats with 325lbs than do full reps with 275 will be called out, scrutinized, and if need be, beaten.  Ha.  Seriously, there are some of you hardheads that have been with us for years and still can’t (or won’t) squat below parallel.  Your half squat is amazing…  to no one but yourself.  Own up to it and fix it.

This strength is going to include movements not always seen in Crossfit Affiliates.  Don’t be alarmed.  While the focus will be on the squats, presses, and pulls, we will introduce you to the applications of supporting movements.  Movements that keep us from developing imbalances that can develop from only performing full body, multi-joint movements.

Take advantage of this Phase of your training.  This is when you can really lean out and gain solid muscle.  Muscle we’ll use to power through the MetCons we all love so much.

Ideally, you will take 2 days off each week.  Off means myofacial release and stretching, not a light workout or “easy” run.  Recovery is the most important part of an effective program.  This one requires two, and some weeks, three days off or else you will get fried.

Diet is just as important now as ever.  The lifting will make you hungry.  Do not eat the carbs.  Up your protein to help with the cravings.

Take fish oil, magnesium, zinc, glutamine, and BCAAs.  Not sure about these and how much to take of each?  Schedule a nutrition session with me and I’ll dial it in for you.  There are many other supplements that can help build muscle and strength.  In a one on one setting I can help you take the right ones in the correct amounts.

To all my Olympic lifters.  Follow this program.  It’ll ready you for the coming train up, beginning mid July, for the state championships.

To all my “ready to be” Oly lifters.  We’ll start a new Olympic Weightlifting Course Monday, July 11th.  Stand by for the details.  I need 10 participants to run an Olympic Weightlifting Course.  We will begin sign ups and accepting payment for the course next week.

So let’s get strong.  This is where you can make the most improvements in your fitness.  Give it your all.


Front Squat  5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5  (2/1/-/0)
Weighted GHD Extensions  8 – 8 – 8 – 8 (2/0/1/1)
Chin Ups  6 – 6 – 6 – 6  (2/0/1/1)
No more than 1 minute of rest between any/all of these sets.

13 thoughts on “Metro Dash Domination / Strength Phase

  1. Sensei says:

    T. EXCELLENT POSTS!! Again, Thank you for your watchful eye and putting things together for our athletes that others wouldn’t.

    I can’t wait to get back into the our box more often. I am so constantly impressed by our leadership and our clients/athletes. Just as you said, Good People JUST COME TO CFW!

  2. Albert Steed says:

    Great post and I am really looking forward to this phase. Hoping that by the next time we get back to this past phase I am better and faster at it.

    Also – Tanner completely through me off this morning. Until he talked I had no idea I wasn’t talking to Caleb and I am sure Tanner was like WTF but, I am sure that happens a lot. 🙂

  3. Whitney says:

    Team Taylor, Meagan, JJ and Tim, great job at the Metro Dash! I looked at that course and I was like whaaaaat….

  4. Cullen says:

    Anyone signed up for the Spartan Race in South Carolina in a few weeks? It looks like a ton of fun and is metro dash on steroids… If anyone is doing it, let me know. I’m strongly considering it.

    This weekend was great and CFW absolutely represented in true CFW fashion. Great camaraderie, competitiveness, got the heart rate up, and overall a blast. Sounds like everyday in the box in my opinion.

  5. Tim Banford says:

    OK, CFW has amazed me….I stepped out of my Gold’s Gym “Lift heavy, be strong, be big world” and ran the Metro Dash with Taylor, Meagan and JJ. First off, I cannot believe the comraderie of your crew! Our heat was not until 2pm, and almost everyone who competed hours earlier stayed to cheer us on. Big thanks to Mike Sorge, Maria, Josh, Emily, Darren, Zach, Nick, Jen, Daniel, and anyone else I may have forgot. I can tell you I heard each and every one of you pushing us, encouraging us, and it made me hustle my ass off. You all ran the course with us along the sidelines and I was amazed.
    Mad respect to the athletes who competed, I had a blast and it was so refreshing to be part of a team that pushed each other. All I seem to hear and see in my gym lately is jealousy and trash talking of others. I train solo because of this…so it was awesome to be immediately accepted by CFW.
    Tony, much respect as always, you run a great gym and you and I have always supported each others gyms.
    Meagan, you are a beast, you smoked it! JJ, I think you ran circles around us just to motivate and encourage….subtract at least 90 seconds off your time. Taylor, chasing after you and trying to keep up was my main driving force..
    Thanks – Tim Banford

  6. Meagan says:

    We had a lot of fun this weekend. I am so thankful for Taylor, Tim, and JJ letting me join their team. We had a blast. I honestly didn’t realize how scared I was of heights until I got to the top of that cargo net. Haha. Thanks to you all for pushing me. I think our gym had the biggest group there. We definately had a blast. I can not wait to do another one!

  7. t. says:

    It sound like you guys had a lot of fun at the Dash.
    I wasn’t to go because Viggo rocked a 105 degree fever most of the weekend and couldn’t even walk. So I was a doggy nurse all weekend. The poor fella was hurtin’. Thanks to everyone that checked on him. His fever is down close to normal and he’s eating fine and walking today.

    Mike… There is some fledgling interest in the Spartan Race. I’m up for it. Anyone?

    Tim, the camaraderie CFW has always surprised me. The crew here is supportive and gives each other just enough push for people to achieve their potential. I hate it I couldn’t be there. I’m glad you went. You need to bring some of the Gold’s clan to the beach workout.

    Thanks CFW. For everything. I’m now off to make Viggo a Facebook page. I’ve never had a reason for one, mostly because I don’t think I’d have enough “friends”. But after all the concern for for my pup, I think Viggo’s need for FB is large.

  8. Scott S says:

    Albert, please fix the 100 day burpee page – something is not right! I am NOT behind!! Miss Pat

  9. No GOOD says:

    One, Albert one of the rules at CFW is do not upset Miss Pat , ha!

    Two someone needs to check Tonys temp, hes talking about making Viggo a FB page, seriously I think he needs serious medical attention QUICK!!!!!!!

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