Step up for Soldiers 5 K Mud Run – April 14 2012
Step up for Soldiers is hosting a mud run on April 14 2012.  There will be 14 obstacles set up across the 5k course. Participants may enter as individuals or in teams of four.  Step up for Soldiers is a non profit organization that supports returning military with loss of limb and mobility issues as well as assisting the families of the injured. For more info about the event and registration click here.

POSE Running Clinic with Ed Bugarin — POSE Level III Running Coach
This Sunday January 29th 12 pm. The Clinic is expected to last 4 hours and the available spots are limited.
Cost is $100.00. This includes a CD with your pre and post videos.
Sign up and deposit of $50 are required. Make checks to  CrossFit Wilmington.

Endurance Training and Programming Clinic
Thursday, February 2nd at 6:30pm at CFW. Cost: $50.00
Attendees will learn the minimalist/high intensity way to train, eat, and supplement for endurance events.  Also covered is how to properly use the myofascial massage (foam roller) to improve recovery.

John Skidmore Deadlifts 405 for 2 sets of 2


Shoulder Press 75% x 10 reps/ 85% x 5 reps x 2 sets/ 95% x 2 reps x 2 sets
* rest 3 minutes between sets
Weighted Dips 5-5-5-5 (3/1/x/1)

10 rounds for time of…
30 Double Unders
50m Sprints
*rest 1 minute between rounds

In subplementum
50 Sandbag Get-up/ Get-downs for time (60/40)

19 thoughts on “Step up for Soldiers Mud Run

  1. Josh says:

    Great lift John!
    Hey guys and girls there are a few spots left for the Pose Running Course. See tanner or I to get one of these spots before they are gone. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your running form and efficiency!

  2. Julie G. says:

    Yea Skidmore Get SWOLE!! Haha Good to see you even if it is in a picture. Cannot wait to get home. I love the wods lately I am definitely doing today’s at CF Boston.

  3. t. says:

    John may have needed 410 or 415. Just saying… he pulled it with ease.

    Check out the POSE Running Clinic. Improving your running technique is one of the most undervalued portion of fitness. The opportunity to have Ed Bugarin teach you the POSE technique is like having Mario Andretti teach you to drive. If you attend, but do not value the instruction, I will refund your fee in full from my own pocket.

  4. Tanner says:

    To quote Thomas: “John picks up heavy things. . . and puts them back down.” Looking strong John!

    Good work at 6 am folks. The double unders are greatly improving.

  5. Abs says:

    i need three girls to do this Step up for Solidares run with me!!! Who wants to be on my team…this is a must do! Great organization!!! Lets get signed up soon! let me know

  6. Abs says:

    Scratch that…this is Frati’s wedding weekend…I’m a NO GO!!!!! I REALLY hope that you all do this though!!!

  7. sara! says:

    Um, did anyone else just plain hurt yesterday? I’m finding myself having to scale considerably so that I don’t feel like butt for the rest of the day.

  8. t. says:

    Sara, and anyone else who is “hurting”… take a couple days off and eat. Eat super clean. Have 1 gram per pound of BW of Protein, 3/4 gram per pound of BW in high quality fats, and 1/2 to 3/4 gram per pound of BW in carbs from veggies and berries.

    Add 50 grams of BCAAs consumed throughout the day and get a good antioxidant onboard. 1 teaspoon of Inositol at bedtime will also yield benefits by helping heal your exhausted central nervous system.

    Consume absolutely no alcohol and get 8 or more hours of sleep.

    This strength / power cycle is taxing even if your diet and sleep are beyond excellent. You cannot force fitness. It is more like conducting an orchestra than bulldozing a forest.

    In subplementum does not mean “in addition to”. It means extra, or bonus. It is not, and should be, intended for everyday completion. Especially if the above diet and sleep recommendations are not being met and/or exceeding.

    Work hard, you pay. Work smart, you get paid. Do both and you become wealthy.

  9. Abs says:

    Amy Argo!!! Felice wants to!!! Hoff!?? Get a team of bad ass chicks! Make me jealous…Frati and her wedding humph…joking Hottie Frati…joking!

  10. sara! says:

    Thanks t. Been working protein and BCAAs and fish oil into my daily rotation, and cutting back on sugar. I don’t really have the time nor energy to do the extra workouts, so I’ve just added a 30 minute or hour walk with my weight vest in the afternoons; I do our lifting and metcons in the morning. I’ve been trying to sleep more regularly and on a schedule from 2230 – 0530. On my days off (hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha), I definitely try to work in a nap of at least an hour.

    It’s not falling asleep that I have an issue with; it’s the fact that whether I’m running calls or not, I wake up at least 3-4 times a night. I want to stay asleep, but I’m afraid to take anything, lest I sleep through a call or not be able to wake fully if the bells sound.

    What will inositol do for me?

  11. t. says:

    Inositol, also know as V-B6 (incorrectly), will help repair your worn out synapses and settle your CNS. You be able to wake just fine.

    FYI… if you consume more than two cups of coffee a day you are most likely deficient in inositol.

  12. Kelly L says:

    Amy, I would be interested in the Ste up for Soldiers. I wouldnt be bringing the speed to the team, but count me in!

  13. Sara Clark says:

    I’m down for the Step up for Soldiers. Not too slow, but if they make me jump in cold water I will be most displeased. I’ll do it, but I’ll whine about it too 🙂

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