The Step Up For Soldiers Mud Run is tomorrow.  It’s not too late to sign up and still receive the CFW discount.  Come out and get a good workout with friends while supporting a good charity.


Five Simple Ways to Raise Testosterone Levels for Better Body Composition & Optimal Health

Improve body composition and raise testosterone by making sure you are not deficient in certain nutrients that are directly linked to suboptimal levels of this most important hormone. A simple error in diet, such as eating a lot of sugar or high-glycemic foods, restricting fat, being vegetarian, or not getting enough magnesium, zinc, or vitamin D could lower your testosterone and make you fat.
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Marcie W., after four months of training at CFW / WSC and working with Jrod and t. with her nutrition / BioSignature, has increased her strength tremendously and added quite a bit of muscle. We are all looking very forward to witnessing Marcie’s improvements at The 2013 Games.


1 Ground to Overhead (any variation of the snatch) at [185lbs, 105lbs] on the minute increasing by one rep each minute until you reach as many reps as you can complete.  Rest one minute then repeat the last number of reps again.

7 thoughts on “Step Up For Soldiers Tomorrow

  1. Josh says:

    Great work Marci! You have put alot of hard work in over the summer, can’t wait to see the payoff come late February!

  2. Mere says:

    Marcie you are an inspiration to me every morning I see you! You work hard every single time you come into the gym. Nice work!

  3. James Tatum says:

    Hi CFW! Hope all is well, just wanted to let everyone know about my blog. I just put up a new post.
    Thanks to all of those who have been reading and supporting me out here at MDUSA. I am looking forward to visiting CFW next time I am in town. Oh and the new website looks great.

    Stay Strong,

    James Tatum

  4. Cody says:

    Marcie works as hard as anyone in the gym. Her dedication is paying off. Most guys in the 6am Strength & Conditioning class joke around that they don’t like working out with her because she lifts more than them. ha
    I am excited to have her here at CFW and can’t wait to see what she brings to our team in the spring. Keep killing it Marcie!

  5. Fletcher says:

    Great job Marcie. I’m glad to hear that one of my most dedicated clients is still scaring the boys! Haha

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