A muscle up is a great accomplishment in your CrossFit journey. It requires upper body strength, coordination, and skill to go from hanging on the rings to supporting oneself on top of the rings. It’s a tough process but here are a few tips to help you get your muscle up.

Practice your pull ups

If you don’t have a pull up you’re not going to be able to get a muscle up. Do pull ups at least 3 times per week, working negatives, strict pull ups, then kipping. Ideally you’ll be able to string together 5 chest to bar pull ups before you attempt a muscle up.

juan pull u

Practice your dips as low as you can

Working through the dip portion of the muscle up forces you into a very low dip position, with your shoulders far below the elbows. You should be able to press out of this position in order to complete the muscle up. If you don’t have your dips yet, work on supporting yourself on top of the rings first. Then work negatives through the extended range of motion and ultimately move on to full dips. You should be able to do 5 dips before attempting a muscle up.

juan dip

Work your kip on the rings

A muscle up kip is a little different than a pull up kip. You want to swing and throw your hips through the middle of the rings.

juan kip

The transition

If you have pull ups, and ring dips, the hardest part of the muscle up is the transition from the pull up into the dip. Start on a low set of rings and practice keeping your hands in at your armpits as you pull through. Then you can add a band to the rings sit in it like a swing and do banded muscle ups like this.

Once you’ve practiced all of these steps you can put it all together and give a full ring muscle up a try! If you’re still struggling, one of our coaches can help you along the way!