As the Games media staff put it…  “CrossFit Wilmington put on a Snatch Clinic”.  Due to a shoulder injury, CrossFit Wilmington had only 5 of our 6 team members participating in the Snatch Ladder WOD.  Yes, our total beat all but one team with only 5 lifters to their 6!

Olympic Lifting is difficult to execute as an athlete and takes much practice.  Olympic Lifting is even more difficult to coach.  CFW takes pride in our attention and dedication to the Olympic style lifts.  Many CrossFit coaches believe a snatch workout or two a month will suffice.  Not when you’re lifting next to our crew.

Strong and powerful athletes can do “sexy Metcons”.  Metcon lovers can’t do strength.



Subscap Pull Ups  4-6r x 5
Bent Over DB Rows  6-8r x 5
Barbell Upright Row  8-10r x 5
Lateral Raise  8 – 10r x 5

2 thoughts on “CFW’s hosts a “Snatch Clinic” at the Games Regionals.

  1. Greg Wright says:

    Great to see ya’ll and the whole CFW crew at the Regionals. Congratulations on an outstanding performance. A true testament to the fundamental, uncompromising strategic approach that CFW takes toward holistic improvement (athletically, nutrionally, mentally, etc). Thanks for continuing to raise the bar and making it available to those of us who aren’t able to live in Wilmington anymore.
    Semper Fi,

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