The Basics:
The set up for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk makes or breaks the lift.  In the pics above, Charisse is set up in the hang for the Clean.  Her body position (shoulders and chest still over the barbell and hips are back, not dipped down), grip (hooked and just outside shoulders), and stance (heels under hips and knees pushed out) are all proper.  However, in the pic on the left her scapula are relaxed, elbows are back, and the wrists are straight down.  None of these make for the best lifts.  In the pic on the right, Charisse has her shoulders pulled back, elbows rotated forward, and wrists pulled in and up towards herself.  For maximal force transfer the scapula must be pulled back and isometrically held tight throughout the pulls of the lift.  Rotating the elbows gives the arms the best path for high elbows.  Pulling the wrists in keeps the barbell closer to the body through the lifts and facilitates a faster turnover.

Snatch – work up to a  heavy single as good technique supports.

5 thoughts on “Snatch

  1. t. says:

    Thanks Hunter. It blows me away that the little things we consider basic are unheard of at so many other CFs. The CF L1 course is a great but isn’t an Olympic Lifting course. You have to look to Weightlifting Coaches to get the specifics. The CF Oly Cert is a great start, but it’s only two days.

    The best CrossFitters are also excellent weightlifters. The Games, and now the USAW / CF comp at the OTC, prove that. Our athletes show it at the comps we attend. Their form and technique is always complimented.

    The lifts are hard to teach. Not everyone learns them quickly. But in the long run, it pays off. My instructors go home tired each night after a day (or week, ha.) of Oly lift classes. But it pays off for them when they see you guys all doing so much better in only a few weeks.

    I hope this week of Snatch skills will pay off greatly for you all. I’m sure we’ll even see some serious gains today. We will continue this type of skill work in the coming weeks. Enjoy.

  2. Kylie says:

    Looking good Charisse ! T and Rob thanks for all your coaching. Reminder: the ovarian cancer 5k is at the dub ..race starts FRIDAY at MIDNIGHT see you there.

  3. Dawn says:

    Looking good Charisse!!!
    Remember everything you have learned this week on the technique for the snatch, it will come in handy today!!!! Lets get some big numbers and good technique on these snatches today!!!!

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