Larry repping out shoulder presses in yesterday's workout

3 Position Power Snatch (Mid thigh, knee, floor) x 4
* work up to 115/85

AMRAP in 6 min of. . .
150m Row
15 Wall balls (20/14)

rest 2 min

AMRAP in 6 min of. . .
5 man makers (25/15)
20 Sit ups

rest 2 min

AMRAP in 6 min of. . .
20 Sledgehammer Swings (16/10) *10 right/ 10 left
10 Tire jump in and out

6 thoughts on “Snatch Work

  1. taylor says:

    Hey everyone-
    I have two jugs of almond flour I am bringing to the gym if anyone wants to buy. They are 5 lbs jugs for $37 each. Awesome deal. I will leave them on counter with envelope behind desk. Please just leave the money for me. There are only two, but if more people want to order more, let me know and I can place an order any week. I will probably do pre-pay so I don’t get stuck with loads of four.

  2. Tanner says:

    An overdue FGB 6 update: our total stands at $6,548, which is nearly as much as we raised last year all together. We only have 67 out of 400 members signed up. Let’s get on it guys! There are still WAY too many people with zero dollars. Register and donate! Only 11 days till Fight Gone Bad, let’s do this!

  3. Tanner says:

    Correction, 24 people have registered and not donated. Give at least 5 bucks, that’s the amount that many of you spend on coffee daily….

  4. Sensei says:


    I will be taking the test on the 25th and am looking for study partners!!

    Who wants to get together and study for a few minutes, for about 4-6 sessions BEFORE the 24th??


    text me your name and interest!


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