10 thoughts on “Snatch Skills – Day 4

  1. Rob the Ghost says:

    I agree with you Tony… Cody, you are a BEAST!!! Way to go bro, and I’m sure you have more in you too!!!

  2. Meagan says:

    Hey guys. This Saturday is the Walk with Me Fundraiser for Easter Seals UCP. I think we should meet and try and wear a CFW shirt. I will be there early (9-ish). I am trying to get someone to cover my class at O2. If I can’t, I will be leaving the walk a little early. Thank you for everyone who has donated and for everyone coming out! See you Saturday.

    Tonight in Yoga we will be working on proper form on Yoga poses. We will show progressions and poses for people that have injuries. We will then do a Tabata with the poses we learn. If you have never done any Yoga before-tonight is the night. See you at 8.

  3. Abs says:

    Cody! nice job…man is STRONG people! Please lets get on doing that King Kong and be sure to let ME know when cause I for sure want to be there! This week has been a good week with lots of skill work and lifts! Classes are doing great with listening, learning and applying! Keep your faith in the outstanding trainers you have at your disposal and USE the hell out of us! We love it!

  4. Chris S. says:

    Hey Meagan, thanks for the coaching during yesterday’s WOD! I think I remembered how to OHS somewhere in the middle of round 3.

  5. Meagan says:

    Chris, you did a great job. You always take what we are coaching you with and you work it out! Awesome work dude! Keep up the great work.

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