Nutrition Class Tonight at 6:30pm
Paleo/Primal Basics with Modified Zone Diet parameters
Post Workout Nutrition.
What to eat, how much of it, and when to eat it. 

Wednesday AM Track Workout  
Tomorrow morning at 6:30am.  UNCW Track – Interval Training
Need a change of pace?  Interval training at the track will do it.  It’s short and painful.  Everyone is welcome.

This is Christmas A. Some of you have met her before. When visiting, she comes in on Saturday with some of the Forged Fitness crew. She placed top 5 in the NC/SC CrossFit Games Sectionals and competed in the Regionals. Christmas is opening CrossFit Raleigh in downtown Raleigh on December 11th. A big congratulations to her.

Class Skill:  Heaving Snatch Balance

10 rounds for time…
5 Deadlift (255lbs/155lbs)
6 Knees to Elbows
4 Handstand Push Ups (+2 – 45lbs plates ea. side/+1 – 45lbs plate)
10 Squats

Heaving Snatch Balance:  Builds confidence under the barbell and develops the balance needed to receive the barbell overhead in the Snatch.  Dip slightly and drive…  but drive yourself down and under the barbell into the bottom of an Overhead Squat.
Video Demo:

6 thoughts on “Snatch Skills – Day 2

  1. No GOOD says:

    Congrats Christmas best of luck !!!! Ok I’m at the track at UNCW and no one is here. I am retired it was not normal for me to get up this early hahaha. But seriously where is everyone at……

  2. drew says:

    no good, i even asked tony, haha. What are the approx days/times for these track workouts? btw, i cant wait to do this WOD

  3. josh says:

    Ron’s senior moment brought to you from the makers of “The Hove Around” and the Alzheimer’s medication “take me so you remember stuff”. Now have a bran muffin and we will see you in the morning- Wednesday morning!!

  4. Abs says:

    Christmas is an awesome lady and an amazing athlete…I am so pumped for her and maybe after Carolina Challenge we can check it out!

  5. Sensei says:

    Jiu-Jitsu this afternoon at 1 everybody!

    Don’t be Skeered!

    And if you aint paid for October yet, you need to!


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