Blake Prime, owner of Crossfit RPM in Hoover, AL

Tomorrow from 5pm-6pm Dr. Rhett King DC will hold an ART/  Soft Tissue Modality Workshop here at CFW. Dr. King will be available for 1-0n-1 consultations. You can read more about Dr. King and his practice here and his meetup group Wilmington Health Nuts here

Snatch Grip High Pull 3-3-3-3

EMOM– Add 1 rep every minute on the minute until you fail to complete a round…
Power Clean + Front Squat (135/95)

One thought on “Snatch Grip High Pull

  1. Mike M says:

    Great work in the 6am class today. The olympic lifting practice and movements are coming along really well. Perfecting the movements will help you a lot, especially when you start getting into the heavier weights. It’s all about speed, balance, and good technique. Just remember, you’ll perform the same way you train…so give it everything you’ve got on every rep!!!

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