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Ten Tips To Improve Your Child’s Behavior and Learning Through Diet
Eating adequate protein and getting other nutrients that support optimal brain function is one of the BEST methods for improving attention span and decreasing hyperactivity in children.  These tips can help minimize symptoms of ADD/ADHD, but they aren’t only for those who suffer from diagnosed attention deficit disorder.
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Josh leads Tara B. through her intro class. Tara is one of Joro Yoga’s teachers. Read more about her and the Yoga studio on the Joro website. Just click the Joro logo in the right side bar.


6 rounds of…
2 Hang Snatch
2 Snatch
2 Snatch Grip High Pulls
2 minutes of rest
* Use as much weight as you feel comfortable with.  Increase or decrease the weight per round as needed.
** Use a heavier weight and a separate bar for the SGHP if your strength exceeds your snatch technique.

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  1. Tanner says:

    The form on snatches this am was looking good folks. Big shout out to Melissa for using 85# for the snatch workout today!

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